Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lost and Found

Found Cat: Was found on Bridgenorth Road, it is Black with brown spots, it is very affectionate and calm, have taken it to Kamfinsa vet, the vet said it is very healthy, so must belong to someone, please if you are missing your cat please go and fetch it, if no one claims it, it will be going to Friends Foundation. If you need any more info please contact 0771 821 524

Missing Dogs: 2 Siberian Huskies. Two females. They answer to the names Storm and Phoenix. They don't have collars but they are micro chipped so if anyone does find them and takes to a vet they will be able to scan and get my details. I lost them from Wadham Lane Ballantyne Park. My numbers are: 0772901883/0712402267.

Found and looking for good homes, lost and found

Found: Black Cat on Boscobel Drive East. Been seen around our property for about a month but moved in with us this weekend! Definitely someone’s pet as very affectionate. Email or call Julie on 0772233362.

Kittens Looking For Good Homes: My mum in-law has kittens in need of a loving home. email  

Poultry for Sale  Mallards young ducks and drakes $20 each;   Young Muscovy Ducks which are better layers than chickens and not affected by cold or rainy weather! $10 each;    Poultry Wanted: Pr Shelducks;  English Pheasant Hen for breeding.  Contact Frances Hawkins 0772 341 320

Missing Cat - Has anyone seen our slender tabby (looks very much like a wild cat) No collar. He is very skittish around strangers.  He has been missing for a couple of weeks now in the Highlands area. Pevensey Road/Richmond Road/Ridgeway North.  If you have seen him please let me know.  Thanks so much. Sarah  0772 361 712

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lost and needing a home

Lost Dog: Two little dogs ran out of our gate this morning, one Jack Russell female answering to Bella and one black male Daxie answers to Muggles, Bella has since come home though. If any one finds Muggles please call Brad 0773348500

Staffie Lovers!! I Have 2 Magnificent Red Staffies, Imported From Sa, Brother And Sister (She Is Spayed) Needing A Good Home As Only Dogs Asap As Owners Leaving. Their Names Are Lucas And Ruby. Fantastic With Children And Excellent Protectors. Not Used To Cats. They Must Go Together As They Have Never Been Seperated. If You Don’t Have Any Animals And Would Like To See Them E Mail Me At Michelle (Terrier Rescue)

Found Crow:

Found Crow: My maid found a crow in our garden over the weekend.  We think it might belong to someone as it is very tame. It can’t fly but does look old enough to, so maybe its wings have been clipped?? We live close to St John’s and would like to get the word out that we have found this crow. My number is 0772 256 461