Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Found and missing dogs from yesterday

Found Dogs: i have found two jack russels this evening on Colnebrook road, one with a collar and one without. Very well-mannered friendly dogs, they are at my house. Call 0772-201435.

Missing Dog: Our male jack russel, 10 month old, went missing last sunday morning from our house on yellow wood lane, Kambanje He respond to the name Poppy and has got no collar or tags. His back has two big brown spots and he’s got a short 10 cm tail. If you have found it, thanks for calling Fred (0739845577) or Louise (0776522153).


Missing Dog: Missing is a 1 and half year old German shepherd called Max wearing as a brown leather collar, unfortunately without any tags on it. He went missing from 11 Ridgeway North, Highlands on the 24th. If anyone has seen a German shepherd in the area please contact me on 0773908828 or email me on, any assistance would be grateful appreciated"

Looking for homes and missing dog

Looking For homes: We are looking for a forever home for 2 small mixed breed spayed female dogs (Mom and Daughter) aged 4 and 3 years due to owner losing her battle against cancer. Connie  Call 0772 255 106 Email :


Missing Dog: Our 14 year old Alsation cross Rotweiler answering to the name "Whisky" has gone missing, last seen on Saturday 24th May from Emerald Hill area. It was reported that she may have been spotted Tuesday (27th) morning on King George Road in Avondale, but still have not managed to find her. If anyone has seen her, please contact her very distraught owner Sharon Lewis 0772 254 229 or please drop her off at any vet. (ps: She is a large dog but very friendly.)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Missing Border Terrier puppy

Our precious little Border Terrier puppy went missing this morning.   He was last seen at 5am in our garden and has since disappeared.


Should he have got onto the road and anyone have picked him up, please could they call us - Gordon 0772 573 553 or Bridget 0772 235 275.


He is six months old so slightly taller than a Jack Russell, wire haired tan and brown, scruffy gorgeous little boy.


Thanks so much


Friday, May 16, 2014

Lost and Found

Dog Found: Male Boerbull/cross, with tail, about 18 months old, found on Broadlands Road (Emerald Hill?) on Wednesday eve at about 6.20 p.m.  Very friendly but very confused.  Taken to 24 Hour Vet on 2nd Street Extension.  They said they would keep him overnight but send him to Friend Foundation tomorrow (meaning today, Thu 15 May).


Lost Cat: My big Ginger Tom has gone missing from our home in Highlands. He is very friendly and only just a year old . Ginger with a white chest and quite fluffy. He answers to his name ...George.  If you have seen him please phone Sue on 0772347792 I am desperate to find him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Missing Cat

Missing  Cat - 'Tigger' has gone walk-a-bout again!! This time is been a week so I am getting worried. He is very friendly and loving. Eats only biscuits though.. Please share and if anyone has seen him please let me know. Andrea - 0772208836.. (Missing from Chisis North, off Harare drive.. close to Drew road)

Missing Staffie

Missing Staffie: My friend has lost her staffie - ran out the gate. Male dark brindle staffie 6 months old and named Max. No collar or name tag. Please phone Carolyn on 0772363909

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lost and found

found a dog on Staley road in ballantyne park and would like to return it to its home. Its a small dog. It has a scar on its right limb Please call Houda 0776127004

Please can you advise your readers that I found a small fluffy Toy Pom type dog on Kent Road (near the British Embassy perimeter) around 1.30 pm, clearly lost, with no road sense and scared.  I have dropped the dog at the Kamfinsa Vet, the dog is not micro chipped. Many thanks Chris (0772236270)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Missing Dogs

Missing Dog: His Name is Sterek ,no collar. 11 month old male, black and tan dachsie lost last week in Quinnington. Please call me if you know his whereabouts. (no mailbut revert to and I will find them)

Missing Dog: Very young honey-coloured Staffordshire Terrier bitch with the name “Roxie” lost in the Bishopslea/Belvedere area in the evening of Wednesday 30th April. Please advise Charles Castelin on 0772 324342 if found. Reward Offered.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Needing homes and found

Kittens: Two cute grey and white kittens ready to go to new homes.  Contact Jane on 0772 236 274 or


Found Dog: Young healthy Tan Wire Haired Terrier followed Domestic Home along Campbell Rd. On Saturday 4th May. Currently being cared for on Hawick Rd. Phone 0772213313 (after 1700 hrs)


Found Dog: I picked up a cross breed dog about two weeks ago in the Rolf valley area. I dropped him off at the Borrowdale lane vet, where he is going to be handed over to SPCA by the end of the week if he is not claimed. He is brown, medium size with light brown eyes. Very friendly and is in good condition. Hope he finds his owners soon.


Found: Found today (Tuesday)  at 5pm in Vainona, Granta road big male pug. Have taken him to 24hr vet but will be sent to SPCA in the morning. No chip. Brown/blue collar. Friendly - happily got in the car. For more info contact 0775 400 759



Another suspected rabid dog was picked up this morning along Addington Lane (Ballantyne Park) after several members of the public reported a dog attacking cars - please report any sightings of unusual behaviour. Remember Rabies is a fatal disease both to animals and humans. Make sure your animals vaccinations are up to date - we strongly recommend that they be vaccinated for Rabies every year. Should you be bitten or come into contact with a strange dog, please seek medical assistance immediately. Thanks to the public for the reports. Mel Hood VAWZ Cell Nos: 0778431528 / 0773476009 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe
18 Borrowdale Road, Harare. Cell No. 0778431528/0773476009


We have received several complaints from members of the public with regard to incidents they’ve witnessed concerning the poor treatment of dogs which are being taken out for their daily walk. A number of owners send a member of their staff out with their dogs and, whilst we applaud them for doing this, there is concern that perhaps the staff members haven’t really been told what to do and what not to do. Here are a few tips we recommend be passed on to those walking the dogs:

1.       It is preferable to walk your dogs during the cooler hours in the morning and evening, but if this isn’t possible, always carry water and a container, taking time to rest and water your dog in the shade. Dogs can’t sweat and need time to cool down.

2.       Make sure your dog is healthy enough to embark on a long walk – overweight dogs should be checked by your Vet first.

3.       Start with a shorter distance, gradually working up to longer ones.

4.       Keep well away from main roads and the dangers of traffic – preferably stay on sidewalks or pathways.

5.       Be attentive at all times to prevent awkward situations.

6.       Don’t do things that will excite the dogs – like shouting and making sudden movements – this will reduce control over the dog.

7.        Dragging dogs by their collar can cause damage to the trachea which may lead to breathing problems. If the dog wants to stop (especially to urinate or defecate) let them.

8.       Be considerate to others, both humans and animals.

9.       Most importantly, make sure your dog has a name tag on his/her collar – even better, have them micro-chipped. Report any dog that may run away immediately.

10.   If unaccompanied dogs are encountered that are constantly off their property and causing problems, please report them – in the interest of their own safety, as well as that of yours and your dogs.

11.   Please make sure your dogs’ vaccinations are up to date.

12.   Remember Harare Municipal By-laws state that female dogs must be sterilized.

It may be worthwhile walking with your staff member on occasion just to make sure that they are competent and are treating your dogs correctly.

Mel Hood

Animal Welfare Officer

Dog needed

I have large male Rottie aged around 3 years and would like to find him a companion. We have space and could do with another watch dog

Needing homes and lost dogs

Looking For A Loving Caring Home For My Two Loving, Caring, And The Most Gentlest Dogs. I have two kids ages 3 and 5 and they are inseparable from the two dogs. Unfortunately we are leaving Zim and cannot take them with. They are both 5 years and a small breed. They have bought our family so much joy and happiness. Please call on 0775431882 or what's app for pics.


Looking For A Loving Home For Two Dogs – One brown and white male jack Russell who loves children and people very cute and one border collie cross female a lovely companion dog. Both dogs neutered/ spayed, fully up to date with their vaccinations, both 3 years old. Please contact Lucy or 0777255186. Owners relocating.


Lost Dog answering to the name of Shalico.  Tan in colour, cross Boerboel/Rottweiler, male 5 years old.  Lost in New Alex Park area/Basset Crescent last night (Tuesday).  Please, if you see him, call Des or Helen on 0772 269 558 or 0712 231 907, landline 744774.

Lost : Very young honey-coloured Staffordshire Terrier bitch with the name “Roxie” lost in the Bishopslea/Belvedere area in the evening of Wednesday 30th April. Please advise Charles Castelin on 0772 324342 if found. Reward Offered

Terrier Rescue: Zoƫ a 1 year old tiny jack Russell bitch is looking for a kind and loving home. She is a delightful little girl but chases cats so anyone who has not got cats and would like to see her. Please email Michelle at

Lost and Found

Found:   on Greendale Avenue on Friday 2nd May evening,  beautiful  Green Paraqueet with Blue Tail.  Please contact me on 0777-877-922.  I have him/her at home.


Found Dog: A lactating Toy Pom was found in Hillside this morning. It is clear that she must be nurturing a litter of pups. They could not be found in the vicinity so she has been taken to the SPCA. For further information please contact Adele Barton on Tel 496090.or 0712617149


Found A Male Maltese Poodle - super friendly running down Arcturus road towards enterprise road - on Sunday afternoon around 3 pm. i have dropped him at the 24 hour vet in Kamfinsa -