Monday, December 22, 2014

Lost and Found

FOUND - Jack Russell wearing an old leather collar on Enterprise Rd (intersection Glenara/Enterprise).  I have dropped him at the Highlands vet.  You can call them on 490411.  Sarah



My daughter picked up a male Maltese Poodle on Churchill Avenue & Borrowdale rd last night. He is now at the 24 hour vet on 2nd st extension & the S.P.C.A will be collecting him tomorrow.

Flip Nicholson  + 263 0772 245 334


toy pom . I saw the dog frantically running around and eventually coaxed it into my car  on Morningside drive and took it to 24 hour vet.  I originally saw it on Moorgate.  Its a very sweet boy with no microchip or collar.  The notice will also be on Zim Pets Lost+Found. Sheryl Christmas

From: Mark and Sandy []
Sent: 20 December 2014 16:34
I saw a lost looking toy pom type dog on garlands ride mt pleasant. I stopped and tried to pick it up but it was scared and wouldn't get in the car. It was reddish-brown and looked like it is owned by someone.
Hope the owner finds it!

From: heather Benoy
Sent: 20 December 2014 12:12

We have just picked up this small male dog. He is covered in mud and appears to have been running. He also has a limp. We picked him up at 11.45. today just outside the restaurant Spring Fever..

Please call 797071 or 0772 711711.We have the dog at home but will take him to the kamfinsa vet later this afternoon. At the moment we are washing and feeding this small very friendly dog.



Saturday, December 13, 2014

Temporary Home needed

Temporary Home needed: my two lovely, friendly, happy house trained cats need a loving temporary home (6-8 months) while I go to the UK to have a baby. I will pay $100/month and cover all food and vet bills. Please email me

Missing cat

Missing Cat: Our cat, Specs, has gone missing. She went missing from Rossal Road in Greendale (just behind Kamfinsa shops). She was last seen at about 5pm on Tuesday (9 December). She is mostly black in colour with specs of ginger. She is spayed and is about 1 year old and very friendly. Please if anyone has seen her, please contact Sarah 0772 333 300 or Dylan 0772 234 367

Seen today

Just seen most beautiful looking charcoal and grey great Dane pup at the Brooke golf club... Very friendly and worried the poor thing might be lost...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Found Animalss

Found dogs: this morning along folyjon Crescent In glen Lorne we found two very beautiful, in good health condition and very friendly rotties (one male one female - female must've had puppies just a few months ago) as they have been taken by the SPCA possibly to either the SPCA or to Chisipite vet so if you have lost these two beautiful dogs please contact both authorities

Found Dog - Large, black male, well fed and well behaved but no collar,  wandered off Glenara Avenue into Picobello Restaurant on Sunday evening.  Please phone 0773-821086

Looking ffor a home

Young Black Cat: sweet black and white neutered cat looking for a home. Funny black face with white whiskers, he is a real character and extremely affectionate. Would suit anyone looking for a good and playful friend. Call 0772 236 627

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Found lost Jack Russell

We found a lost and very scared jack Russel running on the road by St. John's last night after the fireworks. She looked as though she may have just had puppies. She has two brown spots by her tail and one higher up on her back with a small brown leather collar. We took her to the borrowdale vet if anyone is looking for her. 

Mising and home wanted

2 Dogs Are Still  Missing  From Their Home on the Borrowdale Road but might have been seen in the Groombridge Shopping Area today. A black Labrador dog and Golden Retriever bitch. Large Reward offered. Please contact Caro Peech 0772 260397


Missing Dog: “Pixie” is a medium sized spayed terrier cross with Jack Russell colourings.  She has gone missing from Ballantyne on Saturday night after fireworks.  Please call Avondale Vets on 339971/2 or Sister Janet on 0773 098 170.  Photo available.  Thank you


Wanted: Good home for 2 dogs. Mack is a purebred Staffy male, black with a white flash, 6 years old and has a lovely nature, desperate to please. Jay is a 2 year old Staffy cross, great guard dog and loves children. We are emigrating and will not have a garden. Please call 0772 600 710

General - dogs seen and dogs needing homes

Loose Dogs Seen: Seen today at 07:15 on Glenara Avenue opposite the Sakunda Service Station - 2 dogs - one big black Labrador looking dog with a broken off lead hanging from the neck, and a smaller red brown ridgeback/Labrador looking dog. Unable to catch them  - hope someone finds them soon!


Loose Dogs Seen: Sighted x2 borebulls & a golden Labrador on Alfred Rd. Beautiful dogs with collars, but will be fighting with local dogs and getting into trouble just now. Tried to stop and get them in car but ran away.

Rescue Puppies- Given To Good Homes: 6 cross breed puppies along with their mom have been rescued, the puppies are now looking for forever homes (5 males, 1 female), 7 weeks old, first inoculations done. 5 are tan with black snouts and 1 is completely black.  Vetting will be done to ensure they find a forever home. I cannot keep them all so next week they will be taken to Friends Animal Foundation. Please if you can, offer them a home. Contact Lyn 0772313231 / 0782785630

Good results

Half Siamese Cat: A big thank you to those very kind people who responded to my ad regarding a home for a half Siamese cat that took up residence in my garden. He now has an absolutely wonderful home and settling in well. Those of you who were looking for a kitten, please go and look at Friends or SPCA. They both have some adorable kittens and those looking for a grown up cat, they also have lots, desperate for a home. Most of my cats and dogs over the years have come from either Friends or SPCA and they have all, without exception been loving and devoted companions, so grateful are they to have their very own home. Big Thank you again.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

2 dogs missing

2 Dogs Missing from a house along the Borrowdale Road not far from the Village towards Helensvale – I black Labrador Dog and 1 Golden Retriever Bitch. Please phone 0772246971 or 0772 260397

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lost found and needing a home

2 adorable hand reared Goffin Cockatoos, 3 months old and ready to go to loving homes only. Please call 0712803225.


Rescue Puppies Looking For Good Homes: 6 cross breed rescue puppies (5 males, 1 female), 6 weeks old, first inoculations done. 5 are tan with black snouts and 1 is completely black. Looking for good homes. Vetting will be done to ensure they find a forever home. Contact Lyn 0772313231/ 0782785630.


Found Cat: on Saturday 25 Oct at midday, a friendly, pale tortoiseshell / tabby cat on Rhodesville Avenue, Highlands. Please phone 0772 233 192 / 0712 604 272


Found Dog: Picked up this [Friday] morning at 8.08hrs. on the corner of Moorgate and Pendennis Roads, Mt. Pleasant/Northwood, a young Yellow Labrador male, very stressed but friendly, taken to 24 Hour Vet. Surgery. Please collect from there and keep your gate securely shut!! Gordon Grierson.


Lost and Found: I am pleased to report that the black male neutered and micro chipped cat with light blue glittery collar reported missing from Folyjon Crescent, Glen Lorne last week has been found.  Thanks to all the people who participated in the search.


Wanted – Home For Young Male Half Siamese Cat. A kind and loving home needed for this little chap who is desperate to belong. Rather timid, so a family with young children would probably not be suitable.  He arrived in my garden a while back and i would love to keep him but my cat refuses to accept him so it is not possible.  I am feeding him at the bottom of my garden but we are going away soon and i am desperate for him to find a forever home. Neutering and inoculations will be taken care of before being adopted by the right person. Please phone Sue Roberts on 0775 464651



On Saturday, I found a stray dog outside our house in a close off Winchcombe Road, just off Harare Drive. It was in shocking condition and its entire head and front legs were covered in blood. It was barely moving, but I could see it was still breathing. I phoned the vet at Borrowdale Lane Veterinary Surgery, and was able to collect a vet who came to the house and euthanised the dog. The vet suspected Rabies, so the dog was stored over the weekend in the cold room at the University of Zimbabwe Veterinary Department, and on Monday morning I took it to the Government Vet on Borrowdale Road.  They phoned me late yesterday afternoon to confirm that the dog tested positive for rabies.


The concerning thing is that on examination, the vet found many puncture wounds on the dog, and suspected it had been in a fight with other dogs in the area. Which means that there are now possibly other dogs roaming the Greystone Park area carrying the rabies virus...


Please pass the message on and check your pets vaccinations are up to date!




Harare SPCA: Back to desperation

Harare SPCA: Back to desperation…. The donors of a marquee for the Harare Spca Halloween Party have at this very late stage let us down and withdrawn their donation. L L L The weather reports are in our favour and promise clear skies and the thought of an evening under the stars is great. Nevertheless we are appealing for someone to assist and donate a marquee for the event . The Halloween Party will go on. The animals need our help. Please share and ask anyone you know  who may be able to help to contact us as soon as possible. Desi Hacker  0712 404 486. Amy Mons    0779 533 933

Found and needing homes

Found Dog: Picked up Monday afternoon, 27 October 2014 at 1715hrs on Colnebrook Lane, Ballantyne Park, a young fawn staffy cross female, very lost but friendly, taken to Highlands Vet Surgery. Please collect from there or phone Highlands Vet 490629


Found Cat: on Saturday 25 Oct at midday, a friendly, pale tortoiseshell / tabby cat on Rhodesville Avenue, Highlands. Please phone 0772 233 192 / 0712 604 272


Staffie Lovers! I have the most adorable 1 year old staffie female called Ruby. Tan/Red. Gets on well with other dogs, don’t know about cats, she is desperately looking for a kind and loving home. Sweetest nature and very obedient. Spayed and jabs all up to date. Just looking for the right owner. To approved home, by me. Only. Contact me at  Michelle ( Terrier Rescue)


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Last week found and missing

Found Dog: : I picked up a nervous young female Blue Heeler (Australian cattle Dog) running along Piers Rd. Time was just after 5.00pm. She has a collar but is not micro-chipped. I’ve dropped her off at the Borrowdale Lane Veterinary Surgery which is situated at No 23 Kingsmead Road.


Found Dog: Yesterday morning a black Labrador cross in moderate condition, friendly but frightened was found wandering in Groombridge and in danger of being run over. The security guard at Groombridge Spar was looking after it. VAWZ will took him to the 24-hour vet  on East Road yesterday afternoon.


Missing Cat: My 11 year old son’s beloved companion, Griffin, a black cat has gone missing from Guys Cliff in Greystone Park from early Monday morning.  We have just returned from overseas, and my son is distraught.  Griffin is an elegant, sleek black shorthair cat with yellow eyes and a distinctive Siamese yowl.  He came in for dinner but was chased by our puppy and has not been seen since Sunday evening. Please if anyone has seen, heard or has him, please, please contact us on 0772 386 163 or 0776 401 388 or email

Lost Puppy

Lost Puppy: my domestic worker has lost his puppy on Churchill Avenue near the College Road traffic lights.  It is a black male puppy with a bit of white on his chest.  His left eye is closed.  He is about 4 months old.  He found the puppy missing at about 10 am.  If anybody has picked him up, please can you call Edison on 0773396212 or Vera on 0772320522.  Thank you

Lost and found

Little Cat Found – Small male champagne coloured cat found living in the hedge of Greystone Nursery School (Shottery Lane). Neutered and very friendly. If he belongs to you the Highlands Veterinary Surgery are currently caring for him or you can call Athena on 0772237342 or email


Missing Cat: Please help us find our baby "Precious" ~ beautiful grey female cat. She is two years old spayed but not micro chipped.  She jumped out of her cage at Borrowdale vet today and we are so worried about her. Please if u find her or see her telephone me on 0774 549 946. Many thanks

Missing - urgent

Missing: White/Brown Yorkshire Terrier answers to the name Ruby gone missing from Vainona area, Thursday afternoon! If seen or found please contact Lauren 0774356581


Missing: still no cat and Thomas’ birthday is Saturday and have been told that he doesn’t want anything but his cat to come home.  My heart is breaking for him.  Any news, even if it is a flat cat on a road sighting. There is a reward for news leading to his return or some sort of ending. My 11 year old son’s beloved companion, Griffin, a black cat has gone missing from Guys Cliff in Greystone Park from early Monday morning.  We have just returned from overseas, and my son is distraught.  Griffin is an elegant, sleek black shorthair cat with yellow eyes and a distinctive Siamese yowl.  He has not been seen for a week now. Please if anyone has seen, heard or has him, please, please contact us on 0772 386 163 or 0776 401 388 or email

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Found dog

Found: I found a very nervous but sweet, young dog, around Old Mutual but more in the Marlborough side… It has jack Russell colouring, female, but long legs. If you think this is your dog, please contact Storm On 077 2396 578. I’m hanging onto the dog for now.

Lost Staffy

Our dog Saffy has gone missing she is a Staffy cross lab Black in colour with a white star on her chest. Saffy has also been chipped. If incase she arrives please could you contact us on the following numbers. 

0774 542 638

0772 627 364


Kind Regards

Brad and Amy 

Kittens needing homes

Kittens Needing Homes: We have three beautiful stray kittens that were picked up over the weekend by one of our clients.  They are looking for a loving home and are approximately 7 weeks old.  Also a delightful female tabby about 10 months old.. she would make someone very happy.. she never stops purring! Please call or pop in to Borrowdale Lane Vet at 67 Kingsmead Rd tel: 883099 / 0712 451 328

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lost cat Fisher Ave

Lost cat from Fisher Avenue: My grey fluffy cat of just one year has been missing since yesterday. We live on Fisher Avenue. He never ventures far so will be very nervous. He is micro chipped. If found please email me: or msg 0772249407

Found: An intact white Maltese cross young male

Found: An intact white Maltese cross young male wandered into a garden in Masefield Avenue in Strathaven.  Very friendly, just had facial fur trimmed but full of fleas!!!  Now at Avondale Veterinary Surgery. Avondale Veterinary Surgery, Cnr. King George Road / Kenny Road [Opposite Multichoice] P.O. Box A.415, Avondale, Tel : 339971 / 339972, Cell : 0772 342 241 Opening Times: Monday – Friday 8.00 -   5.00 Saturday 9.00 - 12.00 Sunday / Public Holidays 9.00 - 11.00

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dog Found:

Dog Found: Friendly husky dog found it's way into a house on Orange Grove Drive, Highlands this afternoon. The dog has now been taken to Kamfinsa Vet. Owners to please contact the vet directly. Thanks.

Pets at Friend Foundation in Need of homes

Baobab is the Jack russel and Brody is the labrador. They are both males 18 months old. Still need to be snipped. The owners would like them to go together. But if sutable homes come up seperatley that is fine.

The Toy Pom and the Min Pin are both 2 Years old. Have grown up together. Both are purebreeds and both have been snipped. Please we would like these two to stay together if possible. They cry when seperated.

Thank you so much for all your help. Have an awesome day. Leigh Appel <>

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Missing cat

Missing Female Tabby cat from Grosvenor road, Highlands.  Phone 0772 407542.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Founf - Maltese Poodle

Found Maltese Poodle: on Golden Stairs Road this morning. Not micro chipped. Notified Avondale Vet & VAWZ. Please contact 0772 390 983


Friday, September 5, 2014

Meryl Harrison

Meryl Harrison  has written the following :- I have received an amazing response from folk since you sent it out.  Thanks to generous donations from the RSPCA + members of the public in the UK & Australia, the beginnings of a Donkey Project at Beit Bridge is now a reality. We now have a small office there,  have had a borehole drilled & water trough constructed. A humane killer has been purchased  for the use of  Government Vet based at BB. Reflective ear tags for the donkeys that roam across the main roads have also been purchased.

Found: male dog

Found: male dog, medium size, black and tan Doberman style markings. Found in Chisipite area. For more information please phone 0778 880612

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Missing Dogs

Missing Dogs: I have just been down Court Rd in Greendale(Sunday 24rd at 10.30am-ish)  and opposite “the Palms” seen 3 or 4 small breed (poodle types) and a large brown (boerbull type) playing in the road – large brown dog narrowly missed getting hit by three cars and then bolted, terrified, down Rossal Rd.. . . I had to go past to find a place to turn around and when I got back I could not find any of them. . . I have driven up and down all the nearby roads with no luck. I hope their owners have them back safely.

Missing Cat

Missing: our beloved cat, Thimble.  Missing from Glen Lorne.  He is a well-built cat with white/grey siamese type markings.  Please contact Jane on 0772 236 274


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dog Poisoned

Dog Poisoned:  A Dog was poisoned in the Newlands / Highlands Area close to the Country Club.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

\\\\lost and found

A Labrador puppy has been picked up in Avondale.  Please describe this puppy to us and bring proof of ownership.  Avondale Vets 339971/2.

Seen Dog: , I returned home from the airport to find a black juvenile Labrador, or maybe a cross, in the road outside Kingkold at the Chisipite Shops. Owing to a power cut it was dark so identification was very difficult. I tried to coax it to me but it ran away towards the shops.

Needing home

please contact me i have a American terrier who is 8 months old who needs home
Daniel Quinche <>

Boerboel/ridgeback (without ridge) - lost

Lost Dog: Went Missing on Monday 28th July from Ridge Way South area. Female Boerboel/ridgeback (without ridge) Approx 2 years old, answers to the name Shasha. Kelly Moore 0772 217 101

Friday, August 1, 2014

Lost Cat - Mt Pleasant Area.

Lost Cat - Mt Pleasant Area. Black Fluffy Cat -" Panther" has gone missing from Fletcher Road, Mt Pleasant - please if anyone picks him up please contact me. Thanks Lesley 0773 243 255 or 301 532 or


RABIES, RABIES and more RABIES! VAWZ is deeply concerned with the increasing number of confirmed Rabies cases throughout Zimbabwe. Recently a dog from Arcturus was tested positive, as well as a feral cat from Sussex Road (Avondale West) and tragically a young boy in Chegutu has died from the disease, two months after being bitten by his neighbour's dog. We cannot stress enough the importance of having ALL your pets vaccinated annually against this deadly disease. Should you come into contact with an unknown animal, particularly one displaying unusual behaviour, please seek medical advice immediately. Children must be warned not to interact with strange animals. RABIES IS 100% FATAL, DON"T TAKE A CHANCE! Please report sightings of suspect animals to VAWZ (0778431528 / 0775722449) or your nearest veterinary surgery

Friend Foundation newsletter

Dear friends of Friend Foundation,

Thought we would give you an update on what has been happening at 7 Kirkman Rd Tynwald this year.

Sadly Martin Makoni who used to work with us has passed away.  He retired last year.

Leigh Appel has joined us and we are delighted. She is young and enthusiastic and can ‘work’ face book and the computer!

We have amazing volunteers who come out regularly to walk and feed the dogs and brush and pamper the cats. Thank you Wally, Nicole, Cherry, Natasha, Celeste and Milli and Shadrick and their kids.

Shelby from Sunshine comes out on a Tuesday to help.

We also have some enthusiastic school kids that come out and help feed the animals, run errands and generally help us. Thank you guys and girls.

We can always have more ……..

A few months ago we had a terrible epidemic of kennel cough in our kennels and although this is not normally fatal, most of our dogs are strays and abandoned and have only been vaccinated once when they come to us. We ended up losing over 80 dogs. It affected the elderly and the young mostly.

On a happier subject, our own Lorna Olivier organized a Barnyard event to raise money. Thank you all who came to support. It was a huge success and we made over $3,000. Thank you Sheena for the amazing painting.  We have used this to renovate our kennels.  Firstly we have built the donkeys a stable – which Rota the horse has taken up residence in! We have then fixed the cattery garden area, making it more secure so we don’t have escapees. We have rebuilt the rabbit and guinea pig run, fixed the duck ponds, built a kitten enclosure, built a mummy and puppy run and are now fixing the floors of the kennels.

Wally our dog walker has been fantastic this year. She has organized and paid for, pallets and baskets for all the dogs to sleep on, plus got us 200 blankets from Waverly, for the dogs this winter. She has managed to get us bricks, poles, scrap metal, rubble, the list goes on. She also celebrated her 60th birthday this year and had a wonderful party, but instead of presents she asked for donations to Friend Foundation and received over $800 which she has used to spay and castrate some dogs, buy cleaning products and to fix our generator. Thank you Wally.

Di Fynn from Wingate Sports Club and Golfing and Giving has been her usual wonderful self. She comes out on a Monday with her team, and Joanne and Mark. They have painted and fixed the mums and puppies run and painted our office. It now looks like new….. as well as given money towards our vet bill and dog and cat biscuits. Thank you so much.

Curves Borrowdale had an animal awareness week and raised $400 and collected loads of blankets and pet food. Thank you so much ladies. It is much appreciated.

We have lots of people to thank for their continued support.

Avondale Vets for giving us 50% discount on our surgeries and letting us have “credit” and pay when we have the money… thank you Doc Felix and his team.

Cheeseman for the weekly supply of milk for our cats, kittens and puppies.

Ian Stodart for all the running around he does for us.

Willowmead,  Spar marimba and OK Greencroft for the veggies, OK, Bon marche and Innscor for the spoiled meat.

Far East for our supply of dogmeal for the past 15 + years, and giving us “credit” when times are hard.

Sally from Montego for all the broken bags of dog, puppy and cat food.

To all the kind people out there who have given us blankets, old carpets and dog beds.

The Taberer family – thank you for your kind donations and support.

To Lindsey Wright-Goodale, Skye Gilmore and Amani Khalpy from Bishopslea who had a colouring competition which raised over $300.

For all the nursery schools and schools who have come to visit and for your donations.

Katie and Phillipa from Anglo European School in the UK who came to volunteer.

Saul at Central African Butchery, Jolly Jongwe, Doug from the “dollar shop”, Billys meats, Twala for always giving us your excess chickens,  Net Trade for the dog and cat biscuits. The Shopping Club for always giving us discount on Whiskers, Zimkings for the cereal, and many more that I am sure I have forgotten.

We are opening a second hand shop to help raise money, so if anyone has anything they no longer need and are wanting to pass on, we will be happy to have it.  There is a collection bin at Avondale Vets.

 Any cruelty or neglect please phone VAWZ  Mel  0778431528 or SPCA 0712211900.

 Micro chipping is worth doing and it only costs usd20.

We would love to have visitors – the animals love it. Come and meet some of our residents. Bones, who was abandoned in a house when his owners moved away now looks more like a sausage!! Or Veronica the little feral kitten who has turned into a loving, beautiful office cat.

 We welcome schools and nursery schools to come visit us too.

We are open 7 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm but close for lunch between 12 and 1.

You can find us on google maps

We have a facebook group – the Friend Animal Foundation – please join

The office number is 2930442

We look forward to seeing you soon


Friday, July 25, 2014

Lost Collie comes home

Lost Collie Comes Home : The extraordinary light brown 3 year old collie cross lost in Eastlea/Newlands finds her way back to my gate and waits patiently to be let in after nearly 48 hours on walkabout.  She had only known us for a few hours before she went AWOL.  If she had been heading back to Friends Foundation, she obviously decided the all main roads on the way were too damn dangerous and she would never make it. One sighting was at the Newlands bypass.

Tail wagging, she looks at me like a child that had been playing truant and was so sorry for the worry! Thanks again to all of you out there.

Missing Cat

Missing Cat: Ginger cat with a small bell around his neck went missing 2 days ago in the Mt Pleasant area off Norfolk Road.  Please call Mirka on 0783883057.

Missing Sausage dog cross breed.

Sausage dog cross breed.

Name is Pepper.

If found please call Tracey 04-335848 or 0773252449


Needing home and missing

Free To Loving Home Preferably With No Other Male Dog: “Mickey” a 5 month old male cocker spaniel cross jack Russell (cocker jack) Jet black with short glossy hair. House trained. Will walk with collar and lead and well behaved in the car. Jabs upto date. Contact: 0732 143 182 or landline 495419


Missing Cat!! She is a fat ginger and white cat about 3 years old and has been spade. Her name is Bubble she has a red collar with a bell and microchip (registered in Mauritus). Last seen at home 106 Norfolk Road, Mount Pleasant near Arundel Village Shopping mall on the 21.7.2014 at 22:00 ...we are new in Zimbabwe and she was chased away by a neighbouring cat. Please call Mirka on mobile number 078 388 3057 or email on Reward for safe return!!

Missing Dog: Lost on Alexander Road Highlands this morning, a miniature brown daschound called Ruby. Please phone Mrs Edwards 0772 401 412. Have advised Kamfinsa and Highlands Vets.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lost cat

Please can you send out a notice with the attached picture for our missing cat. She is a female 3 year old and very fat...


It seems she was chased from our garden by a stray cat and is hiding somewhere in Mount Pleasant near the Arundel Shopping centre. Alan Whitfield <>






Thanks very much for your help,


Best regards,


Alan Whitfield


Found Parrot

We have found a parrot. and placed it (picture) on , services , found lost stolen. if anyone can identify its ring ID can contact us. on Felix 0772345193 or Dube 0734278995

Border Collie cross missing

Most grateful if you could post this. First night re-homed from the Friends Foundation, 3-year-old Border Collie cross manages to slip out of the gate in Boundary Road, Eastlea/Newlands. She is light brown and is called Fuzzy.

We were going to get a collar and name tag with the address and phone number first thing this morning. Have scoured the suburb and tapped into domestics'

network around here but nothing so far. Any news please call 0772-210-198.


Many thanks,

Angus  Shaw

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SPCA news

The Harare Spca continues to work with an increasing number of animals needing help in Zimbabwe. The difficult economic climate has led to many animals being surrendered to us . Owners can no longer afford to keep their pets . Most of the female cats and dogs that are surrendered to us are either pregnant or have large litters of babies they are struggling to feed ( as they themselves are severely undernourished and neglected.)


Our new and necessary projects include a free spay and neuter campaign ( for low wage earners who cannot afford to have their pets sterilized ) and an education program.

We will be looking for donations in order to be able to run  a “SPONSOR A SPAY CAMPAIGN “ .  Statistics show that a single pair of cats and their progeny can theoretically  grow to a number of approximately 66 000 cats in six years. This sadly applies to dogs too.  A pair of dogs will usually produce a litter of 6 to 12 puppies every six months.  These will begin to breed within six to eight months and produce further litters. Again, theoretically, a pair of dogs and their progeny will produce 67 000 dogs in a period of six years. In Harare alone, there are hundreds of dogs and cats  that are breeding continuously.  The majority of these pups and kittens do not stand the slightest chance of a decent life. They will suffer and die at a very young age. By sponsoring just one spay you can make a difference to the suffering.


A door to door survey we have carried out revealed that in some medium density suburbs not even 10% of dogs are sterilized or vaccinated. Many of these pups come into the Spca riddled with preventable diseases. They are usually too far gone to save. If they do pull through we cannot find homes for them. This is a vicious circle we intend, wholeheartedly ,to break. The only way we can overcome this problem is with your help. Our inspectors spend days on the roads picking up strays or confiscating puppies being sold by vendors. The nightmare will not stop unless we are offered help to try and deal with the situation.  We do not have the funds to undertake these important measures without assistance.


We are also looking for a few dedicated volunteers to join a subcommittee of the Harare Spca, that that will reach out to all areas and help by educating people on good animal husbandry. We are fortunate to have a volunteer who has worked in this field in other countries and she has offered to head a committee and train the volunteers to teach the public about the care of pets. We would like to start working in schools, educating children from junior up to high school levels. We need people who speak both English and Shona to visit schools and talk to the children.


 Without education we will never reach our goal of running a NO KILL SHELTER where animals are only with us for a short time before being re homed to responsible , caring owners. Presently we hold up to 100 cats and 100 dogs.  Ideally they should not live in cages. They suffer from depression and kennel stress which manifests itself in many ways. Stray dogs miss their freedom, but are safe and have full tummies and veterinary care. Previously owned dogs do not cope well. The look of pure  desperation in their eyes goes beyond description. The visibly thirst for human contact in the form of affection and attention. When visitors pop in to our re homing kennels the dogs do everything in their capacity to attract attention. They bark, wag their tails and try to climb the fencing. They chew holes in their enclosure so they can stick their heads out for a pat. Sadly , we have also watched some of the animals in our care literally curl up into a ball and give up on life. They shut down.  They seem to sense that there is no hope. Then the kindest thing to do is to put them out of their misery.


Once again we can only appeal to the public to spay and neuter their beloved pets. Cats and dogs do not need to have “ just one litter”. Some of the pups and kittens given or sold to good homes WILL end up in our kennels. Some of the  pups WILL end with indiscriminate breeders and will produce litter after litter without  a break until they become too weak and ill to carry on. Then they will be  tossed out onto the streets to fend for themselves . The pups end up being advertised for sale in newspapers and on the internet. Most of them  will suffer. They will not be looked after and they will eventually be dumped when the novelty of owning a dog has worn off.  We have been taking in Toy Poms, Maltese, JRs, German Shepherds , Boerbuls , Rotties and many more. No one ever comes to look for them. Some are lost, some are stolen and some just run away from the hell they have been living in.  We at the SPCA have to make the best choices for these needy animals. The choices are often very difficult ones. Euthanasia is a very controversial subject but the truth is that we are only sorting out problems created by people who do not take responsibility for their pets.





I can be contacted on if you have any queries or if you can help the Harare Spca.

Found and needing homes

Found Dog: Found running along Glenelg Road Vainona at 10.15am Monday 16th June   a small male pug dog.  Taken to Avondale vet.


We Have 3 Lovely Dogs Looking For New Loving Homes:  Bully is a 3 year old male tan Staffy with a very loving and gentle nature. Lily is a 2 year old jack russell full of adventure and very gentle. Shelby is a 1.5 year old Daxi, she is the one to alert you and is very loving. If anyone can offer one of them a home please call me on 0773621981.


Found lost and needing a home

Found Dog: A small dog (seems like some sort of cross between a pit-bull and a Jack Russell) came into our property yesterday morning on Shipston Road, Greystone Park. Please call Edward on 0712-205323 or 443499


Missing Cat: Our black and white female cat has been missing since Friday from Eastlea/Newlands area. Please call on 0772216683 if you have seen her.


Special cat, home needed. 3 years old and deaf. Full of character. Family sadly leaving the country. Tel: 0773096396.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Puppy need as campanion to female Jack Russell

We are looking for a small female  jack russell - tan and white - long,  rough haired,  as a companion to our female - she is 14 and having lost her life long companions (at the ages of 18 ansd 19)  seems to be lonely - although we are at home all the time. She lives in the house day and night.  Please mail me on or telephone 884663.

Lost Parrot and dogs needing homes

Lost Parrot: My African Grey type parrot flew away over towards West Road from the Ridge / Connaught Road at lunchtime today Thursday. Grey with dark tail and red beak. Whistles and “talks”. Please contact Jenni Westlake 335994  or 0772432543 if sighted or caught. Her name is Virginia.

Two Dogs Looking For A Good Home. A 4year old male Rottweiler/Doberman which has been neutered, and a 1year old female Doberman which has been spayed. Please contact Ash Shand 0778354604 or email

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Dogs Looking For Forever Homes: We have had three Jack Russell cross dogs surrendered to us that were abandoned.  They are mother, daughter and grandson.  The elderly 12 year old mother has found a home but we have the other two desperately needing a home together.  The daughter’s name is Jessica, she is 5 years old and has been spayed and is very lovable and has a unique character.  Her son Junior is approx. 2 – 3 years old, not as yet neutered which will be done once a home is offered.  They are good with children.  We have vaccinated these dogs. On Monday the most tiny malnourished rickety young female pup was picked up off the streets.  Please please can someone offer this pup a loving home which she so richly deserves.  The transformation in a couple of weeks of good food and love will be astounding. All dogs can be viewed at Avondale Veterinary Surgery.


Found: very friendly grey cat, found on Maiden Road between Newlands and Eastlea Shops. It must be someone's pet, as it is very tame. It is being taken to SPCA today.



Looking For Homes: Two Daxie x Jack Russells, Mum and son are looking for kind and loving homes. Abandoned by owner, tiny little cuties just wanting someone to love them. Black/tan. Mum about 5, son 3. Please somebody help them . They are too adorable to put to sleep. Email (Terrier Rescue)


Missing Dog: From Marlborough, medium sized black dog, with white around his face.  Wearing a collar, but pretty unapproachable.  If you have seen Tango, please call 077559972

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dog water bottles