Thursday, February 27, 2014

Found dog

Found Dog: A beautiful young neutered male boerbull tan in colour has been brought into the 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital today. He was found on Edinburgh Road.  He has no microchip or collar.  He will be sent to the SPCA.

Desperate - need homes for cats - and one found dog

Found Dog: A beautiful young female boerbull tan in colour has been brought into the 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital today. She was found on Edinburgh Road.  She has no microchip or collar.  She will be sent to the SPCA.

Looking For Loving Homes For 2 Cats: owner leaving the country.  One elderly cat, she must be about 12, very loving and affectionate and beautiful colouring.  Multi coloured black, white, tan.  Female, and spade.  Then a male named George, who is about 6, he is black and white and neutered.  If homes are not found they will be put down by the end of the week.  Call me on 0772 285 897.  Thank you.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

lost African Grey Parrot

Lost African: lost African Grey Parrot and what would be the cost? It flew off this evening (23 Feb) in the Greystone Park area. Please call Elaine: +263772302909

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pets found

Found Dog: Friendly Alsation Cross Dog found along Blakeway Drive, Belvedere yesterday. Collected by VAWZ. Please contact 0778 431 528


Peahen/Peacock: has flown into my garden.  I live on the border of Chisipite & Greendale North, North Road.  If  she is your pet please call Jacqui 0774186365 to collect

Lost and found

Found: African Grey parrot along Borrowdale Road close to Dandaro. Please contact Sharon on


Missing Cat From Marlborough Area: Momo has gone missing from his home in Marlborough. He is ginger and white, long haired Persian, though his face is not a flat as a Persian’s. He is on medication and has a strange walk which is due to a back injury he sustained when he was a kitten. He is seven years old and was last seen on Sunday morning. He is neutered. Please, please if anyone has seen Momo, please give us a call, Jillian on 0772 698 630 0r 300403 or Jonathan on 0772 402 361. Email

General notices - lost found and needing homes

Big Dog Missing From Newlands: young male called Pepper. very large lanky African mongrel, dark grey back, tan legs, white socks and white tip of tail. FLoppy ears. Not seen since around 630pm last night (Tuesday). Very sweet boy please if you see him, try get him into your car or a garden to keep him off the road, call Gigi on 0778768435 any hour or email thank you.


Desperately looking for a loving home for 2 dogsA tiny little 6 year old female Jack Russell, Dixie, brown and white.  She is  very loving and gentle, not attention seeking and smiles when you call her.  Jazz, a 3 year old female, small German shepherd who is very energetic and loves attention.  Both have grown up with children and cats.  The owner is leaving the country and they were placed today at the friend foundation for boarding – but I would love to put them back in a home as soon as possible.  Please call me on 0772 285 897


Missing Jack Russel From Umsinsidale: MUSKET Meredith, our white and tan Jack Russel with very straight ears is missing from 10 Blue Haze Lane, Umwinsidale. Should have his collar on with his name and address. He is also micro chipped Anyone who finds him must phone 0772261726. He has a microchip.

Looking For A Loving Owner:

 Our 4 year old neutered male, German Shepherd cross is looking for a family, fine with children, that does not have cats or rabbits. His Jabs are up to date. Please contact Iona on 0773 465699.


I am looking for a male german shepherd puppy.My number is 0772 188 177.



Harare SPCA Appeal:

 Winter is fast approaching and we need  blankets for the dogs and cats at the SPCA Kennels.  We need a constant supply of blankets as they don’t last very long. We would also like to know if there is anyone out there who can make the “tyre beds” for dogs.  We have over 100 dogs  at any one time. If anyone can help please phone me on 0772705960 or Desi on 0712404486.

Loose Labrador:

i have just seen (Thursday)this dog.6.45am black Labrador, male having a great time in Vainona junior school grounds, I am sure he will be chased out and then--.there were 5 other dogs with him earlier apparently, but i didn't see them.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Lost Dogs: Our male and female pure Ridgebacks, brown in colour and 7 1/2 months old. They are brother and sister. Escaped out of our yard in Greystone Park last week and we have been frantically looking for them since then. They have red and blue collars and are called Sandy and Pepsi. If you have seen them please contact Lindie Hove cell 0772 416 105 and email address: or cell 0772 699 850, email:


“Zhara” Large Cream Female Boerbull In Need Of A Good Home: 15months old. Good watch dog.  Phone Lindsey 0772 234 795


Found Cat: black and ginger mottled on top and white underneath.  Found in Ballantyne Park very friendly small cat still somewhat playful so possibly an older kitten.  Please call 0772 727 835 proof of ownership must be supplied

Found puppy and Missing dog

Found Puppy: The black female Labrador puppy that was picked up in the Highlands area on 10 February is still in our kennels waiting for her owners. Avondale Veterinary Surgery on King George Road.  Not micro chipped.  Please phone 339971 or 0772 342 241.  Proof of ownership necessary please.

 Missing Dog: Missing from Grovenor Road Highlands, female brown and white Jack Russell answers to the name of Snoopy. She has a brown collar with her name. Anyone with any information please contact Julie on 0772407542. Thanks

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Found and lost



Found Dog: An old female Jack Russell was found on Kingsmead Rd in Borrowdale on the 4th Feb. She has a respiratory infection and is currently being looked after by the Borrowdale Lane Vet Team. She is tan & white and must belong to someone as she is in good condition. Please contact us at Borrowdale Lane Vet, 67 Kingsmead Rd, Tel: 883099/ 0712451328.


Found Dog: found a male bouvier (big and black) trotting down Kew Drive, Highlands on Friday afternoon.  Taken to Chisi Vets.  Please phone them or Caroline 0772 309 400. 


Missing Dogs: My dogs got out the gate this morning in Glen Lorne Drive, they have run off into the bush and we have not been able to find them. A black Lab x male, and a yellow lab x female. Both have collars and both are micro-chipped. Please call 0778556116 or 0778556117 Thank you.

Lost and found


Found dogs: a male ridgeback and a female ridgeback cross were picked up this morning on the Lomagundi Road (first seen near the Emerald Hill Post Office). Both dogs are in very good condition, friendly and wearing leather collars. They are not micro-chipped. Please contact Friend Animal Foundation (2930442 / 0772225845) or VAWZ (0778431528 / 0773476009) for more details.


Found Dog: A young black Labrador was picked up in the Highlands area this morning [10 February] and is at Avondale Veterinary Surgery on King George Road.  Not micro chipped.  Please phone 339971 or 0772 342 241.  Proof of ownership necessary please.


Missing Dogs: 'URGENT! Our dogs - a GOLDEN/WHITE LABRADOR Arturo and BLACK COLLIE named Oscar went MISSING on Feb 10th after 10 in HOGERTY HILL, Borrowdale - someone left the gate open and we think they might have ventured outside together. If anyone has seen them please give us a call at 0772286093 or 0779128530, cash reward for who brings them back. Please share amongst your contacts, we are really worried and we really appreciate your help, thank you.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Missing dogs

Missing dogs Feb 10th from Hogerty Hill Drive in Borrowdale:

URGENT! Our beloved golden/white labrador Arturo went MISSING this morning after 10 - someone left the gate open and we think he might have ventured outside together with the other dog on the property, a black collie named Oscar. If anyone has seen them please give us a call at 0772286093 or 0779128530.
Please share amongst your contacts, we are really worried and we really appreciate your help, thank you


Found Jack Russell ans some interesting information

Found Jack Russel: The young Jack Russell female found wandering on Southam Road last week has still not been claimed from Chisipite Veterinary Surgery. She is tan and white and has a docked tail. Please bring proof of ownership.

Your Cat/Dog Behaviour Explained:  1st Step:  E-mail me firstly with whatever Behaviour problems you may be experiencing with your Dog/Cat.  2nd Step:  I will then E-mail you back to arrange an Appointment with you and your Dog/Cat.  There will be a Consultation Fee charged.  With some problems it is better that I see the Dog/Cat in his day to day surroundings. Contact:  Sr. Jayne  Cell:  0772-356-518  E-mail:

Lost and found

Found Dog: Brown and white, mature male pointer. Contact Dr Waghorn and Rees on 300089 / 0712 402 062


Lost Cat: Please can anyone who has seen my black female cat She has a small white patch on her chest..  She was hiding on top of my car and jumped off on Arcturus Rd between Coughlan Rd And North Road.  Please call if you have any information call me Pamela 0773 236 152 or  Thank you

The Wildlife Shop at Mukuvisi Woodlands: will be closed from Monday 3 February 2014 and Tuesday 4 February for stock take. We apologize for any inconveniences caused and will inform when the shop will be open again for business. Branch Administrator – WEZ email Tel: (04) 747

Missing Dog:

Missing Dog: from Hawkshead Drive Helensvale/Borrowdale Tuesday evening (4th) - very large, very old German Shepherd with collar and name tag – Hoover. Please contact Roseanne 0774 125 4965 or Marc 0773 367 869

Looking to Re-home Dog:

Looking to Re-home Dog: 'Tramp' the most notorious spca rescue dog is in need of a new loving home as his owners are leaving the country. With no shortage of character he amuses everyone he meets! He gets on well with other dogs, but mainly he just loves being with humans! Never has a dog been talked about so much! Please, if you have space for the most amazingly friendly and loyal dog please contact 0774 861 868.

Missing Cat:

Missing Cat: My precious black female cat jumped off the roof of my car (where she had stow-awayed)  onto Court Road between Coghlan Road and North Road.  She has short hair and a small amount of white hair in the chest area. She is friendly and up-to-date with all her vaccines. My phone number is 0773 236 152, please call anytime

black Labrador puppy, he is 9 months old, went missing

From: Tammy Benade

Sent: Friday, 7 February 2014 8:40 PM


Our black Labrador puppy, he is 9 months old, went missing in the Chisipite area this evening . he is wearing a red and black collar. If any one finds him, please contact me on 0772288030


Thank you


Tammy Benade

Missing dog

Sent: Saturday, 8 February 2014 8:54 AM


This lovely little girl has escaped from the Harare SPCA. She came into our kennels from an abusive owner. She is fearful and very shy. One of our wonderful volunteers took her home to rehabilitate her. She named her Cloe. With loads of TLC Cloe has started to understand kindness. Sarah Carter from TWALA offered her a home in a safe haven. On Wednesday this week Cloe was  taken to The Harare Spca to be spayed and micro chipped. Cloe jumped out the car and ran. She is wearing a blue harness. We are distraught. She is not the type of dog who will approach a person. It would be best to call one of us rather than trying to catch her. Her tendency will be to hide where she feels safe. We are searching the area and have handed out flyers. Please call any of the following numbers if you see . We are situated along the Airport Rd. There is a $100 reward for her return.


Des Hacker 0712 404 486

Katie( the foster mum) 0773 484 210

Harare Spca surgery 04 576356

Linda Haddon 0772 125 515

Harare Spca kennels 0712 211 900


Many thanks


Des Hacker