Friday, April 29, 2016

Found Parrot

Found Parrot: Cheydene De Freitas's staff found a tame small green macaw in their garden yesterday. Must be from Monovale or surrounding areas. She says is can't fly well but she is keeping it and hopes someone will claim it. She's put a notice on Zim Pets Lost and Found. Please call her on 0776 404 079 or email her on -

Needing homes and lost

3  Stunning Pitbulls Looking For Good Homes As Owner Relocating: All pied, brown and white patches. Father 21/2 years. Very loveable, likes lots of attention and is used to being a companion inside dog. He is  Tan and white and called Cryxus. Neutered, good temperament. His 2 daughters Muffin and Lea both 14 months old, spayed. Loving homes required by Pitbull lovers. They can be separated. Not used to cats. If you would like to see them contact Michelle, Terrier Rescue at and make an appointment to see them. Terrier Rescue adoption policies apply.

Harry: Harry is a beautiful, loving , male tabby, neutered cat who is looking for someone to adopt him and give him a cosy lap to sit on. You see, Harry lost his owner just over a week ago and is really lost without him. He can't understand why he has been taken to the SPCA. I'm sure he is wondering what he has done wrong. PLEASE, won't some kind soul offer him a lap, maybe a lonely, elderly person or someone who enjoys a warm lap! He really is gorgeous and is +/- 3 years old. If you are interested, please phone Sassy on 0772 404 543. She will give you Harry's SPCA number.

Lost Dog: Black and white pointer male, went missing from home in Gunhill. If found, please phone 0772115731- Will gladly collect him!

Rosie the 7 year old staffie bitch pied in colour brindle/white has been returned to Terrier Rescue as I let a farmer take her with no knowledge he had cows, ducks and guinea fowls which she has been chasing. She is the sweetest  little girl, an unclaimed stray just dying to be loved and adored. She also chases cats so no cats. A very nice lady phoned me on the morning I was rehoming her but have lost her number. If you see this please contact me again or anyone else who might be interested in giving her a new happy home. E mail me on or phone me on 862521.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stolen Collie

My dad's much-loved collie, Lexi, was stolen from our house in Marlborough/Westgate last night. He's one of only two collies we know of in Zim (his brother Cadi wasn't taken). He's four years old.

If anyone sees or finds him, please ask them to call my dad Charles Banda on +263 7 72222465 or my mom Tiny Banda on

+263 7 72222136.

We're heartbroken and desperate to get him back. Please kindly share this information on your blog.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Missing Cat:

Missing Cat: Male Ginger and White cat, he has been neutered and has gone missing from 26 Broadmead Lane, Colne Valley. Missing since Monday evening. Please call 495674 / 0775281151 if you have seen him or have him. We are so worried.

Friday, April 15, 2016

looking for special homes

Terrier Rescue are looking for special homes for 2 adorable x breeds. ‘angel’ which she will be if someone doesn’t step up and adopt her. She is a very pretty cream x breed whose front leg needs amputating as her paw was run over. She is only 8 months old and unbearable to be put to sleep when she hasn’t even had a life yet. Apmutation and spaying will be carried out once she has a home. All paid for. 3 legged dogs get around extremely well, run and play and are no different to 4 legged dogs. Please someone contact me and go and see her. Also a beautiful black  small labx ridgeback bitch, young. Lots of energy, loves to play and swim. A really special girl. E mail Michelle terrier rescue at or phone on 862521. Both these girls get on with other dogs.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Found and lost

Found A Jack Russel on Carrick Creagh Rd. this afternoon. Seems like quite a nice hound. He had on an orange collar and looks like he made a break for it on a walk perhaps. He has been dropped off at Chisipite Veterinary Surgery. 

Missing Jack Russell ,  white, black ears, snout and tail, responds to the name Jessie, missing from Boundary Road/ Oxford Ave Newlands area, probably lost now between Glenara/ Victoria Drive/Princess Drive and Newlands itself, Samora Machel or a little beyond. She has  a collar with a tag and phone number but it may be smudged in the rain. Any news, please call Angus Shaw 0772-210-


Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe

18 Borrowdale Road, Harare

Email: Cell No. 0778431528


In a recent incident, a man was alleged to have been bitten by a dog whilst visiting a property in Harare. Several days later, he was admitted to hospital (he had not been well for some time), where he passed away. The medical staff could not rule out Rabies as a possible cause of death and when further investigated, it was found that the Rabies Certificate for the dog had expired. In cases like this, the Veterinary Department is tasked with ensuring that the dog is quarantined and monitored for a stipulated period of time, or, if the dog is a stray, unmanageable or vicious, they have the legal right to destroy the animal there and then (usually by shooting) and send the animal for testing.

The report made to the Veterinary Department indicated that the dog was vicious, and, acting on this information, they arrived at the property with a weapon. Fortunately VAWZ Inspectors were on the scene and were able to calm the situation and uplift the dog for quarantine (it has since been re-vaccinated and returned to the owner). Contrary to  rumours circulating, VAWZ does not carry a weapon, and certainly would not dream of shooting anyone’s pet. Discussions have since taken place with the Vet Department on how to approach these situations with the emphasis being on humane destruction of the animal if so required.

In this case, the owner of the dog is guilty of contravening The Animal Health Act and is liable to a fine as well as ensuring that the dog is vaccinated before release from quarantine. Rabies is 100% fatal for both man and animals and it is irresponsible to allow your dogs’ vaccinations to lapse. It doesn’t matter if the dog is well known or by whom – if your certificate has expired, you’re in trouble.

Vaccination Information:

Dogs:  6 weeks                               1st Parvo

            9 weeks                               2nd Parvo

            12 weeks                             5 in 1 and Rabies

            1 year old                            Booster 5 in 1 and Rabies

            Thereafter, 5 in 1 and Rabies annually.  If the Rabies vaccination has lapsed, a booster will be necessary 6 months after re-vaccination date.

Cats:    9 weeks                               First IFE / IFR (Cat Flu and Snuffles)

             12 weeks                             Booster IFE / IFR and Rabies

             Thereafter, IFE / IFR and Rabies annually


am looking for a good and loving home

I am looking for a good and loving home for my female 1 year old Labrador ‘Bella’ and 2 year old female jack Russell ‘Kenzi’.  They must go together as they are the best of friends.  They are loving dogs, very child friendly and love tennis balls. If you are interested, please call Daniel on 0782 985 188

, Desi (ree) Hacker is one of the people in our midst that is really making a difference to the community. She is THE one person that is keeping the Harare SPCA going through all of the trials and tribulations that they are going through. Like many similar organisations in Zimbabwe, there are never enough funds to run things as smoothly as one could. The end result is that corners are cut just to make ends meet. Desi has now decided to put together a small collection of short stories and she is, here, asking for advice and help to meet her new objective. Please think seriously about what you can do to help her. Woof Woof, Mike G.



Ladies and gentlemen

In order to raise awareness of the plight of domestic pets in Zimbabwe and to enlighten you on the incredible work carried out by the Harare Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, I am embarking on a project to put together a collection of short stories that you, as individuals, can contribute to. I will need to find an editor and a publisher to make this possible. The aim is also to sell the book in order to raise funds for the Society, so it can continue to offer solace ,care and veterinary treatment to all the stray and unwanted domestic animals.

With this in mind, I urge you to dig deep into your fondest memories, find photographs, write a short story about your Mutts and Moggies . If you are the privileged owner of a rescue pet or pedigree please share the tales of bravery, loyalty and unconditional love and devotion.                

I have never attempted anything similar before, so I am asking for help and advice to make this possible.  The success of this endeavour will depend entirely on you. It will take nothing short of a miracle to keep the doors to the Harare Spca open to the needy animals and to the owners who do not have the funds to help for their sick and dying pets. The HSPCA is a private, voluntary organization and relies purely on donations and the support of the public and sponsors. I urge you to help, in any way you can. The management , staff, Council members  and volunteers at the Harare SPCA  work tirelessly to rescue, rehome and treat abused and neglected animals. Your contributions this project would be most welcome. I cannot promise that this will be a success and that if it is that all the stories will be included. Bear with me on this endeavour and please be patient for the outcome.

Thank you.

Desi Hacker

I can be contacted on

“ Pets come into our lives to teach us about love,

They depart to teach us about loss.

A new pet never replaces an old pet;

It merely expands the heart.

If you have loved many pets your heart is very big”

Have lost our little female Jack Russell

Have lost our little female  Jack Russell. She ran out the gate at about 5pm this afternoon (Thursday 7th April). She ran down old catton then headed towards Arundel school, then turned left towards 2nd st ext. No one has seen her since then. We have driven all over looking for her. Please if anyone has picked her up, please can you call us on 0772320522 or 0772226453 or 04339351.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Large Brown Male Dog Found  about 9.30 on Enterprise Rd about 300 yards down from Bluff Hill roundabout.  He had been hit by a car and left in the middle of the road.  I and my friend moved him to the side of the road.  Thankfully he probably died immediately. He was not wearing a collar.  Sue Roberts.

Staffie Lovers

Staffie Lovers !!!! Terrier Rescue has the most adorable spayed Staffie bitch that hasn’t been claimed for 2 weeks. Found near Borrowdale school so must have been owned. She is now available for adoption as no one has claimed her. Gentle and sweet, ignores cats and would get on  with other dogs. To an approved home by me only. Contact Michelle at or phone me on 862521 if you would like to give her a kind and loving home.