Friday, August 18, 2017

Missing cat

"Missing Grey And Black Cat. He lives in Rolfe Valley, went missing on Sunday, but was last seen on Kew Drive on Monday. Please app me on 0777 916 980 if you see him. We have been searching all around these areas with no results. We are so desperate to find him. His name is Tiger."

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


From: Karen Henderson

CHISPITE VETERINARY SURGERY, 303 HARARE DRIVE, THE GRANGE, is most definitely open 8am to 6 pm week days and 8 am till midday Saturdays and Sundays/ Public Holidays from 8am to 10 am for follow ups   We are a 24 hour Vet and clients may just call the cell numbers to arrange this – landlines (erratic)  494862/3 and cell phone 0772 253 318.

The road is finally being resurfaced from Enterprise to Drew Road and hopefully, the beginning of the whole of Harare Drive up to Piers Road.  We were not notified of this at all.  Anyhow the Contractor has made a side access road to the Vet down our side of Harare Drive, from Barnes Avenue (off Enterprise) and Cardinals is also the other access option, providing that the large Graders are not blocking up this way.  A number of cars have been let through the barrier on Drew and Harare Drive,  but 4 x 4 advisable for this way.

Can anyone help

I will be going away from 5th to 26th September and wondering if you have a boarding facility for my 2 dogs. The are both chipped and the girl has been spayed.  Thank you.

Kind regards,

Diana Carbone []

From: Francina Lagesse Sent: Monday, August 14, 2017 10:22 PM

On Sunday I found a male Jack Russell (very dark brown and white patches) running all over Drew Road. In order to avoid him being run over, I stopped to pick him up. He’s a very sweet-natured, friendly fellow and very well-mannered in the car. According to the guard at the restaurant, he belonged to people (Mr/s Kashaya?) at 16 Drew Road, but I’ve no way of know if this is indeed the case. I’ve rung and hooted at that gate several times during the past two days without response. As I am going away for a while tomorrow, I have left the Jack Russell with the Chisipite Vet on 101 Harare Drive (along the dug-up dirt part of the road). Please contact Dr Savage (04 496 420) if you think the dog may be yours.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The Harare Spca app is now available on your mobile phone.

Please go to Play Store to download it. It won’t cost you anything but will provide you with contact numbers and our location as well as other important information .


Have a look and please pass this on to everyone you know, including your employees. Often animals are left to suffer because people do not know who to contact.

The Harare Spca is doing everything possible to educate the public about cruelty and suffering and how to practice good animal husbandry. This app is very new and more vital information will be added to it soon.

                                                                                    “ JUST AS CRUELTY HAS SPREAD, SO TOO CAN COMPASSION…..

                                                                                       AND I THINK KINDNESS FEELS BETTER THAN CRUELTY,

                                                                                       AND IT’S MORE CONTAGEOUS” ( Gene Baur)