Monday, October 26, 2015


Missing from Vainona. Large Siamese Colour Point neutered cat. Very timid and will not willingly come to you. His name is Gundi, he’s very squint. He has just moved homes from Milton Park to Vainona and had adapted well but we went away over the weekend and he’s now missing. Last seen on Friday. Any info please call Tara on 0774079629 . We have the staff canvassing the area and calling but nothing yet.

Rabies alrt

ZNSPCA Rabies Alert!!! PUBLIC PLEASE NOTE ..... There has been an increase in the number of rabies cases in the Harare area. Please VACCINATE your pets. First Vaccination : 3 months old. Second Vaccination: 9-12 months old Thereafter we recommend an annual vaccination to be certain your pet is covered. PLEASE report dog bites to your nearest SPCA or Veterinary clinic and get all dog bites treated IMMEDIATELY at a health facility. RABIES KILLS - VACCINATE NOW

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lost, looking for homes and seen dog

Beautiful Cats Looking For A Home 2 male cats are looking for a new loving home...they are 4yrs old and are brothers. They have both been neutered and all vaccinations are up-to-date. They are long haired and very affectionate. Fluffy is black & white and Freckles is a tortoiseshell. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances we can no longer keep these cats. Please contact 0777612779


Missing Cat  Handsome black and white neutered male. Very nervous Highlands around Arcturus road Ridgeway  South . Reward foe safe return. please phone or Whatsapp 0772 331 464


Puppies Looking For Homes: We are two little sisters rescued and currently being lovingly fostered by a diplomat family.  Our paws are small so looks like we won't be too big!  If anyone can give us a kind home for either one or both of us we would be so happy!  We are available after the 30th October when we have had all our injections. Phone: Kerry 0772315323


Seen Dog: There is a beautiful black and white dog that is running around on the corner of Greendale Ave and Samora Machel.  It has been for the past four or five days now.  If anyone is missing a dog fitting this description please can the go a collect it. I have contacted the SPCA but they have been unable to catch it.  This is a busy intersection with a lot of trucks going up and down to and from Msasa.  I would hate to see it run over


Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Wanted: Loving homes for 2 young dogs due to relocation. 22 month old white female Maltese poodle. Spayed and with all jabs up to date. House trained. Very affectionate. Excellent watch dog. 18 month old neutered male Jack Russel Cross Cocker Spaniel (cockerjack) black and white toes ad chest. House trained. Very obedient and intelligent. All jabs up to date. Telephone Harare 883976

Friday, October 9, 2015

Missing Cat

Missing:  Black and white neutered male cat from the Arcturus/Montgomery road area, Highlands.  Nervous and greatly missed. Please contact Peter on 0712 204313 or take to Kamfinsa/Highlands Vets or SPCA.  Reward for his safe return.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Missing Cat and Dog

Missing Cat: Kimba has been missing from Steenbok Road in Mandara since Friday. She is a female ginger cat, just over a year old. She is quite small and is wearing a sparkly pink/silver collar. If found please drop her off at the nearest vet or call Carla on 0771929831. A reward will be given to anyone that finds her!


Missing Dog: Max our golden Labrador went missing on Saturday the 25th September around 5.30pm in Vainona. He is wearing a blue Rogz collar and is microshipped. Please if anyone sees or finds him contact us on these numbers. Kerry 0772 558 332 or Roland 0773197636. REWARD OFFERED

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cat Young Black And White Male Missing

Cat Young Black And White Male Missing around Arcturus Road/ Montgomery Road. Very nervous please phone  0712204313 or 0772 331 646

Parrots Lost and Found

Parrots Lost and Found - My green Jardine parrot is still missing but while advertising that a lady phoned me who had found a Conure in her garden.  I am looking after him at the moment but if you know of ANYONE who owns parrots please check with them if they are missing any.  He is tame enough to have been a much loved pet and was found in the Newlands area.  Contact   0772 522 387

Monday, September 21, 2015

Looking for dogs

I am looking for 2 large dogs for my family, my lovely Lab was put down by SPCA due to cancer last month.
I have a big plot and the dogs will have lots of space to play around. I am currently in UK but will be home in 3 weeks time.

Thank you hope to hear from you soon


Lost Parrot

Lost Parrot -   Lesser Jardine,  mostly green with black markings on her wings,  orange on the top of her head and on a little on the front of her wings.  Missing since Saturday from Arcturus area.  Please contact 0772 522 387  if found.

White Maltese Cross Uncastrated Male, small and fluffy, found at the rear entrance to HIS School in Mount Pleasant.  He is at Avondale Vet Surgery on King George Road.  Phone 339971/2.  Proof of ownership please.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Found Bird

Found Bird: We have just found a lovebird in our garden on Chisholme Road in Ballantyne Park. It must have escaped from somewhere nearby - please email me if you have lost one.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Apologies for not publishing but internet line cut

I have been off line for some time due to our internet line being cut now back online

Home wanted

Special Home Wanted For Dear Friend. Mature Jack Russell. Please call Bryan on 0773597939 or email bcduly@

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

3 Magnificent Terriers looking for loving homes

3 Magnificent Terriers looking for loving homes: My name is Spike. I am a purebred 1 year old black Brindle Staffordshire bull terrier. I am boisterous but very adorable. I love a bitch for a friend but have never seen a cat so don’t contact Michelle if you have one. I will be a devoted companion and love you always. My name is Maggie. I am a small purebred with patches English bull terrier. I do chase cats but get on with other dogs male or female and am a real character. I am about 18months old and beautiful. What a character! I especially get on with my friend Jessica who is about the same age as me she is so soft and gentle. She loves everybody and everything. She is a Staffie X English bull terrier, Brindle in colour. We would love to go together but can be separated to the right homes. Please please somebody give these poor dogs a kind and loving home.  They have been in kennels too long and have nothing to look forward to but euthanasia. Contact Michelle (Terrier Rescue) at to approved homes only

Staffie And Bull Terrier Lovers

Staffie And Bull Terrier Lovers: 2 magnificent young Staffordshire bull terrier males both needing homes separately. Both young, one black and white, Spike, and one brindle. They get on with bitches but NO CATS or chickens please. They are adorable and just need someone to love them. 2 brown brindle/white staffies, sisters unclaimed strays. Also needing lots of love. Maggie white, black patches, smallish English Bull Terrier bitch, spayed, owners left. Such a character gets on with male and female dogs but no cats or chickens. Jessica. Adorable staffie x English Bull Terrier. Extremely gentle. Gets on with everyone and everything. All the above dogs need kind and loving approved homes as they are so stressed at being in kennels for so long. All the dogs love children. To contact me e mail me at Michelle. Terrier Rescue.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Hello, my name is Sparks. Today my owner put me in his fancy car and drove me to an animal shelter. When we arrived I could hear barking and sense the fear and anxiety of the animals around me. I didn’t want to leave the car but my owner coaxed me out

. I trusted him.

I had never visited a similar place. I had never left my home. The smells were overpowering. The sounds were unfamiliar. I cowered and closed my eyes. I didn’t budge. A rope was placed around my neck. I dug my paws in and wouldn’t move. The rope tightened a little, “come on Sparks”. I followed for a few short steps and then I lay down and my muscles began to quiver involuntarily. I was afraid, I didn’t understand. Shortly afterwards my owner’s footsteps moved towards the door, I quickly turned to follow. Again the rope tightened, a little more this time. A familiar, cheerful voice called out , “ Goodbye Sparks” and then I heard the sound of the car engine, the car in which I had confidently jumped into earlier on…and then I was alone, all alone. People surrounded me, hands stroked me but they were strangers’ hands.

“What shall we do with him? He isn’t neutered, he isn’t vaccinated, he’s covered with fleas. He is a plain brown dog. His ears are quite big. He looks like most of the other dogs at the kennels. None of them have been adopted.

What are his chances of being adopted ?  Probably none.

Will anyone even look at him?  Probably not. “

It was my lucky day , or was it?

I had been saved because I had been dumped. An unknown person had felt sorry for me.

Needles pierced my skin, hands examined me and then lifted me up and carried me to my future. I wet myself, I had no control over my fear. I was placed in a cage and the door slammed. I closed my eyes…

Is it a door to a new life ?

Is it the door to the end of his life ?

It all depends on whether someone chooses him out of the other hundreds of homeless, needy dogs. Will someone look into his pleading eyes and take a chance on him? Will he learn to sit at his new master’s feet and sigh with happiness at the touch of a gentle hand or will he stare out endlessly from behind the bars of a cage ? Incarcerated, all he will know is cold, bare concrete under his feet, a wooden crate for a bed .Life will revolve around feed times and the occasional , brief walk. His hopes will be raised when visitors walk by. Most won’t even acknowledge his existence. He won’t even remember his name because on his cage there is only a number. He will just become a statistic. He did not ask to be born. He committed no crime.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN J Please chose to adopt. Every time you buy, a shelter pet dies. Spay and neuter all your pets. Many cats and dogs are bought on impulse and then shortly after they are no longer wanted and are neglected. Hundreds are surrendered or abandoned . Only a few are adopted from shelters. The remainder are not wanted. There is very little hope for them.

Please help us to make a difference,


If you cannot adopt, donate

If you cannot donate, volunteer.

If you cannot volunteer,  educate.

Animals need a’ voice’ , they cannot speak for themselves.

We are open every day of the year ( please check times on weekends and public holidays )We never turn an animal away. We endeavour to help owners and their pets, whatever the circumstances .

Thank you for your continued support.

The Harare SPCA.


Needing home

Staffy Lovers, SPIKE adorable 1 year old brindle male staffie looking for someone to love him. Gets on with a bitch. 1 white English bull terrier bitch, young and sprayed, a real character. Maggie. Gets on with other dogs. No cats. 1 brindle English bull terrier x staffie bitch, Jessica, also young, beautiful gentle nature, gets on with everyone and everything. Just wants to be loved. These dogs are to go to approved homes only. Contact Michelle terrier rescue at

Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Vet

Steppes Road Veterinary Surgery

26 Broadmead Lane, corner of Steppes Road

Ballantyne  Park

0775 281151    (04) 495674

Dr mark Donaldson

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Missing Cat

“Axle” is a black and white male castrated cat and has gone missing from the Sentosa Area.  No collar but he is micro-chipped. Please call Avondale Vets on 339971/2 Cell 0772 342 241 if you have seen him.  Thank you.

Needing homes


Bull terrier lovers: We are 2 beautiful girls both young and spayed. Maggie purebred English white bull terrier, small with loads of character, fine with dogs, but loves to chase cats. Naughty Girl! Then we have Jessica a beautiful brindle staffy x English bull terrier, so gentle, gets on with everything and everybody. Please please someone give us both loving homes or we will have to be put down. Email Michelle at for more information.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Parrot and Pidgeins

For Sale:  Racing Pigeons and Breeders, with 2 Lofts and aviary  approximately 30 in number  to be sold at AA  Auctions  Greystone Park Sale Saturday 11 July  in Winchcombe Road  off  Harare drive  or Gaydon Road,  Harare. View Friday afternoon or sale day Saturday.  Original re-homing arrangement has fallen through and owners leaving. Tel:  Frances 0772 341 320. 


Lost: I have lost a young African grey parrot, which flew off this morning from Richmond Road in Highlands.  If found please would you contact me on 0772 236640 or 495886.  There will be a reward if found.



Found Dog: I found a female brown/white Jack Russell this afternoon on King George Rd and have taken her to Second St Ext Vets.  She had a brown collar but no tag or microchip.  Anna (0772307772 or 335919). 

Home Wanted for Puppy:

Home Wanted for Puppy: I was rescued by my foster mum but sadly she is unable to keep me. I am an adorable 2 month old female mixed breed pup. I have been vaccinated and dewormed and I am free to a special loving home. Contact Irene 0773 246 277

Monday, July 20, 2015

Looking for a puppy

Hello if go u could assist me I'm looking for a jack Russell puppy carol mhende []

White kitten found

White Kitten Found: Adorable little kitten 6-9weeks old, must be someone pet, very friendly. Found on Argyle Hill, Avondale. Please call Richard on 0771 139 338

Friday, March 13, 2015

Missing Cat

Missing Cat: We have recently moved house and our Red Burmese male cat has been missing since Friday night for Montgomery Road, Highlands. He is orange in colour and goes by the name 'Whiskey' unfortunately he his not microchiped. He is very friendly and quite vocal. If anyone has any information please contact Michelle on or 0772447983. Any help would be greatly appreciated, really worried about him.

Aware Trust

AWARE Trust Conducts Domestic Dog Sterilisation and Rabies Vaccination Campaign in Sipepa


The AWARE Team, in conjunction with the Vet Department, recently returned from Sipepa in the Tsholotsho Communal Lands, on the southern border of Hwange National Park, where AWARE carried out a domestic dog sterilisation and rabies vaccination campaign.  Based at Sipepa Animal Health Centre, AWARE offered this campaign free of charge to dog owners living in the area.  The campaign was very well attended and a warm welcome received from the community. Sadly, whilst carrying out the campaign, we received news that 2 people (a child of 7 and an adult of 40) had died of rabies in the district having been bitten by a rabid dog a month prior.  Being fairly remote, they did not manage to get the post exposure rabies vaccines that can be life saving.  Other reports of animals behaving strangely confirmed that rabies is prevalent in the area, making this campaign essential.


68 dogs (mostly females) were sterilised and more than 1900 dogs were vaccinated for rabies and dewormed.  Of these, 950 dogs also received 5n1 vaccine, protecting them (and the wildlife they come into contact with) from the dreaded distemper and parvo viruses.  Distemper has been known to wipe out entire prides of lions so AWARE felt this was important to cover given the proximity of Hwange National Park.  Details of each dog and owner were recorded and rabies certificates issued.  Tick borne diseases were common amongst the dogs see by the Vets and the first 1000 or so dogs received Frontline treatment to help protect them against ticks as well as receiving treatment for any injuries.  All dogs operated on underwent the critical 72 hour post op check, so important for detecting possible infections.  As an incentive to return for these checks, owners received a T shirt after the Vets had done the checks.  Dogs sporting the worst leads were given new donated collars and leads and all those operated on, and those most malnourished, received a bag of nutritional feed to take home. 


Some members of the community were unable to make the distances to Sipepa, so AWARE vehicles were loaded up with vet supplies and went mobile, driving to various dip tanks in the area to vaccinate and bringing back to Sipepa AHC any dogs needing sterilisation.  After recovery, the dogs were safely transported back to their homes.


Donkeys in need of care and attention were also brought to the clinic and received crisis treatment, also allowing us the opportunity to work with the newest member of the AWARE team, Piri (formerly Donkey Protection Trust).  Aside from injuries to donkeys treated at the clinic, AWARE Vets happened to come across a donkey who had stumbled, causing his cart carrying water to smash into his back and trapping him.  The small boy driving was unable to right the cart on his own.  Fortunately the donkey escaped with bruising and a flesh wound on his back, but surprisingly his back was not broken.  This lucky donkey was treated and given painkillers.


AWARE is extremely grateful to Dr Vin and his assistant Elliot, who donated precious time to relentlessly sterilised dogs all day long. Thanks to Sarah who willingly agreed to home an extremely skinny little dog aptly named “Sipepa”.  On visiting Sipepa at Twala just a week later, the change in her was amazing, she had her spirit back; she greeted, and remembered, each of us, ears up, running and playing, a little bulging belly and a tail threatening to wag right off!  Thank you Sarah for allowing Sipepa a second chance of a happy life with new friends at Twala. 


Thank you Cheesman for sponsoring the AWARE “Don’t Litter - Spay and Neuter” t-shirts.  To Manny, Eddy, Di, Lorraine and Emma for donated colouring books, crayons, camping equipment and delicious vegetarian meals to feed the hungry Team.  Grateful thanks to Tsholotsho Vet Office and all the VEA’s at Sipepa AHC who accommodated our every need, assisted greatly and sent such wonderful positive feedback after the campaign; it was a pleasure to work together.  To the wonderful people of Tsholotosho, our thanks for your participation, warm welcome and gratitude; this area is, arguably, the prettiest communal area we have worked in with no litter and abundant trees!  By no means least, to Brian and Lizzy from Austin Texas, benefactors of this campaign as well as volunteers.  Thank you both for making this campaign possible and for all your hard work to assist Zimbabwe’s wildlife and domestic animals. Thanks to all our donors for your continued support for AWARE.


Such campaigns as this are essential to the health of humans, domestic animals and wildlife and many more such campaigns are required throughout the County, ideally in the form of continuous mobile clinics, fully equipped to reach such areas.  AWARE is well placed to step up these campaigns and would be most grateful for donations to do so and to assist with our funding to obtain a fully operational mobile clinic.  If you would like to help and donate please contact for AWARE’s bank details.  To see photographs of this campaign, please visit AWARE Trust Zimbabwe on facebook


Lost cat

Lost cat: Tigger our precious 1 year old spayed tabby cat disappeared from Argyle Road/Mathew Close, Avondale on 3rd March.  She has a ginger stripe running down her head and nose and has white paws.  If you have seen her please call me on 0773 099969.  $50.00 reward offered for her safe return.   Please help us to find her!

lost and needing homes

Looking For Good Homes: absolutely gorgeous male Rottweiler “Buster” almost 2 years old needing a very special and loving home. Very gentle and kind and loves playing with children. Currently undergoing obedience training, he is neutered and all his vaccinations are up to date. His girlfriend “Sparkle” is a SPCA special with some terrier in her, She is the most loving good natured dog but not good with cats. She is 4 years old, spayed and all her vaccinations are up to date, Would love to find a home for them together but they can be separated. We are leaving the country and do not have the space in our new home for them to come with us. Of you are interested in them and can offer them the perfect forever home please contact Marjet  on or Whatsapp on 0783487820. We are leaving the third week of May 2015.


LOST White Maltese Terrier called Archie.  Missing from 108 Larmenier Village off Ridgeway North.  Last seen Saturday 7th March.  Please phone Sheila Kensett on 04-495739 or Libby on 0774 136 950.


Missing Cat: Mount pleasant on Northwood Rise road and my cat has gone missing, It is a Long Haired ginger cat with brown specs in its eyes it is a boy but has been neutered. Rick Conway- 0772602502

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Needing homes

gandami <>
2 very special Yorkshire Terriers, brother and sister, tiny ones. Owners leaving end March. To approved homes only.
1 Toy Pom x maltese poodle boy, white 3 years, owners going into retirement home, no dogs. To approved home only.
1 very special little female JR dumped at Friends, most of pups died, is terrified needs someone to give her lots of love. To approved home only.
Please help


Lost dogs

Lost from Arundel/ Northwood area. 2 Australian Blue Heelers. Both wearing collars and are male. One neutered and one is intact.  In spite of being called ‘blue’ they are both multi-coloured and have quite a bit of brown on their faces. Not tall dogs but quite stocky. One has a leg recovering from an operation. Last seen in owners garden on Friday morning. If seen or found, Please phone Amanda Hollinshead on 0772 144004 or Val Hollinshead on 0772 573526


Found dog

Found Dog - Wed afternoon 25th February on Lomagundi Road, the Adlyn Road side about 6-7 houses down from the Westgate Roundabout. Staffordshire cross bull terrier male dog, light brown-grey with white markings on head, chest and white toes. Long tail, wearing a wide collar. Very friendly, obviously someone's pet. Taken to Friends Animal Foundation. For more information tel 0772304559

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Found Dogs: This morning along Aberdeen Rd, Avondale 5 dogs found. 2 German Shepherds and three small white Maltese cross dogs.  No collars. Taken to 24hour vet on Upper East. Call Chrystal 0712 201 553


Found on Northolt Drive in Bluff Hill on 19/02/2015 a male black and white medium sized dog .  Black face with a white stripe down the forehead onto the nose and white around the muzzle.  Mostly black on the top of the body and white underneath. Very sweet friendly male, a little timid at first and then just wanted love.  Seemed fine in my car apart from wanting to sit on my lap J. Has been taken to Friends Foundation.  Please help find this dog’s home he was not skinny and looked in good condition so he belongs to someone.  For more information contact Pauline 0772 404 405


Found - large mastiff-type male dog, mature, pale fawn
short stumpy tail, green stain on head and ears (possibly medication for wound?) . With leather collar (without name tag). In healthy condition, obviously well-loved family dog, well behaved, stays outside of his own accord and sits when told. Found him wandering early Tuesday morning along Anzac Drive, Meyrick Park. I'm looking after him. Call Jan on 0772-252759.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Staffy Bitch “ZARA”, 2 years old needing a very special home. She is pied in colors (white with black/brindle markings) so very pretty and so very sweet. Absolutely adorable, loves playing with children and good with other dogs but not cats. Typical terrier trait I’m afraid. She is spayed and all her vaccinations are up to date. Her owners have left the country and gone to the cape and sadly could not take her due to the cost. If you are interested in her and can offer her the perfect forever home contact Michelle (Terrier Rescue) at


Jack Russell lovers. Sweet little wire haired tri color girl looking for a loving home. Approx 5 years old. Also contact Michelle (Terrier Rescue) at

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Needing homes

'Male Jack Russell x Staffie. He is 4 years old and neutered. Female Golden retriever x. She was adopted from Byo SPCA. She is roughly 7 years old and spayed. I am looking for decent homes for my 2 dogs as I am leaving the country and my new position does not allow for any pets unfortunately. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Contact Ben on 0774 681 422'

Needing Home

English Bull Terrier Lovers: I am looking for a kind and loving home for ‘THOR’ a stunning, White English bull terrier. 5 years old, imported from South Africa as a puppy. Owners relocating to the UK and are heartbroken to leave him behind. He is wonderful with children and good with a bitch but not used to cats. He is devoted companion, just loves to be loved and cuddles but is also an amazing protector. Please will someone give him the home he deserves so he isn’t put to sleep as they would rather that than leave him in kennel. Email Michelle (Terrier Rescue) at

Monday, February 16, 2015

Found and missing

Large tortoise found on Sunday walking along the Arcturus Rd (Enterprise Rd end). Please call Bibi on 0775649908 if you think he or she could be yours. 


Missing Dogs:  We lost our two much loved dogs on Saturday morning around 6:30am around the Hillside area (Ok Mart/ Mukuvisi area). They are pit bulls. Male & Female •Brown •Six Months Old• Timid and very gentle. They have black collars on and respond to the names -  Roxie  & Cordy. If anyone has seen them anywhere.... Please help -  call Marcus contact cell number 0772594158  /0775237748 or email

Blonde Toy Pom with a  blue collar, picked up on Friday night on Leamington Road in Greystone Park. Very friendly. Taken to 24 hour vet. Will be taken to SPCA if not claimed.


Missing from Hindhead Avenue, Chisipite since midnight 30th January. Cindy. She is a female brown and white Jack Russell. She is wearing a brown collar with a tag with her home number, but unfortunately the landline is down. Her owners are away at the moment.  Please call Jacquie on 0772 274 163.


Missing Dog: One of our dogs has been missing from Worpleston Way, Glen Lorne since the storm  last night. Hugo is a fawn coloured four year old Boerbull. If anybody has seen him, please call James on 0772276110 or email me on  Many thanks.


Looking for a home and missing cat


Looking For A Home For A 3 Year Old Boerbull Cross.  Due to a circumstance change at home we are looking to rehome one of our beloved dogs.  Medium sized, neutered, brindle in colour needs lots of space to run loves going for walks cannot get enough affection and loves company, well behaved fine with children but may not get on with other dogs or timid cats. Please call 0772 727 834


Missing Black Cat  in Ballantyne Park area , off Drew road. Large friendly black  male cat named Boots. Please contact Zana 0772361956


Parrot behavior consultant: The home of the happy parrot is ready for boarding! Fab food, cages cleaned and open every day,music therapy and toy time . Book now! Already booking for April/may  cell no 0773473849.

Missing and found

Found Dogs: 1 Alsatian cross and 2 Staffies, a male and a female, all not micro chipped. All in good condition and running together so I’m assuming all from the same house and got out somehow. I have taken them to the 24hr vet on second street who told me they would be taken to the SPCA this morning. Please phone Danny on 0774 069133 for more info.


Jack Russell, Toby, Found and Safely home.  Thank you so much Nadia for phoning VAWZ.  Thank you so much VAWZ for responding to the call so efficiently.  Thank you Chisipite Vets for looking after him.  Thank you Bambazonke for getting the message out.  We have a great community.  It has been truly amazing to witness how many caring and thoughtful people there are who have phoned, emailed, texted.  Thank you for your warmth, concern and support.


My Toypom cross Jack Russel dog went missing on Sunday Night. He answers to the name Hercules .He has a light brown face with a patch on his back that is black/brown and white legs and tail(long white Tail like a toypoms) his one back leg he keeps it up when it gets sore. if you have seen him please phone me (Geraldine on 0773099960 or work (04) 480774,he talks to me and we missing him. the area he went missing from is New Strathaven.

Looking for a Staffy puppy

Looking for a Staffy puppy for loving & caring home. Contact 0772358429 / 0776634810

Friday, February 13, 2015


Missing From New Strathaven near OH's sport club,my Tony Pom cross Jack Russel,he is 5 years old and is microchip. he has a light brown face a brown/black patch on his back  four white legs under body white and a white tail like a toy pom. he sometime picks up his right back leg when he is sore. missing from Sunday night. we are very worried about him. if you have see him please contact me on 0773099960.

Missing Dogs:  We lost our two much loved dogs on Saturday morning around 6:30am around the Hillside area (Ok Mart/ Mukuvisi area). They are pit bulls. Male & Female •Brown •Six Months Old• Timid and very gentle. They have black collars on and respond to the names -  Roxie  & Cordy. If anyone has seen them anywhere.... Please help -  call Marcus contact cell number 0772594158  /0775237748 or email


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thank you anda warning

Grateful thanks for my rescued dogs: My two Jack Russells were going for their usual walk with my gardener at about 0830 this morning on their usual route which takes them past the Chinese who are on the corner of Mt Pleasant Drive and College / Teviotdale Rds. The Chinese opened their gates as the walkers were going past, two large dogs ran out and attacked mine. Thanks to my gardener and people who stopped to help him, one slipped his collar, and ran back to my gate, and the other ran down Mt. Pleasant Drive. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to a man who rang our buzzer and a lady who picked up my gardener, found the other dog, and returned them all to my house. We were out searching for them, so unfortunately no contact numbers were left. Rosemary 744393 

Missing Jack Russel

Missing Jack Russel: Our dog, Toby, went missing on 9th February 2015 from Breach Road.  He runs on three legs with one of his hind legs lifted. Please if you have any information or have seen him call Tara on 0773 169 943 or Ryan on 0773 821 135

Meryl Harrison

Winter has really come to Surrey with a vengeance - one night last week the temperature here dropped to minus 9 degrees. I am sure I was not the only villager who was longing for some warm Zimbabwean sunshine. 

Surprisingly the cold weather does not seem to bother the flock of Ring necked or Rose necked Parakeets that we have in large numbers here in Whiteley Village. Though originally from the Himalayas, there are now estimated to be over 50,000 living in the UK, mostly in the Thames area. It is thought that originally a single pair of breeding parakeets were released or escaped in the mid 1990s - a more exotic theory is that Jimi Hendrix released a pair in Carnaby Street in the 1960s.

The now feral birds are often seen hanging upside down on our bird feeders comically screeching at the other wild birds as they compete for the peanuts & sunflower seeds.

However in a local pet shop here, one would have to pay upwards of £185 for a captive bred Ring necked Parakeet! 


On receiving Christmas cards in December from friends in Zimbabwe, I couldn't help noticing that one set of Zimbabwean stamps for 2014 depicted donkeys with wooden yokes on their necks pulling a "sledge" - possibly the powers that be, did not realise that both are against the law in Zimbabwe?.


Recently VAWZ veterinarians in Zimbabwe had asked VAWZ UK if we could source some Artery Forceps for their current spaying campaign in the rural areas.

One of our Trustees ex Zimbabwean vet Rob Reynolds, contacted me to say that he would donate some as a "Christmas present" to VAWZ. 

He has now generously donated 30 pairs of these forceps, so I am trying to find someone returning to Zimbabwe who could take the parcel back for us, or even just a few forceps at a time? - please contact me if you know someone coming back  who could help as they are urgently needed - (they will take up very little room in a suitcase!).


Thank you to Margaret Cavill & Sharron Tiffen, both whom have taken items for VAWZ back to Zimbabwe for us - much appreciated.


VAWZ UK has also recently received donations from John & Leonie Cullen, John is a vet from South Africa now living in the UK, & has recently retired from working with Defra here, & also from Sarah Blunden - donations such as these, ensure that the lives of animals in Zimbabwe are improved & that the important work of VAWZ continues.

Whilst on that subject Mel Hood who heads VAWZ, has asked me to remind the public that cases of cruelty or abuse of animals should be reported to them.


Two more ex Zim folk living here in Whiteley Village are, Eric & Lorraine Litster who left Zimbabwe in 2007. For many years Eric taught Engineering Drawing & other allied building subjects at several schools including Fletcher High in Gweru, Mzingwane in Essexvale, Prince Edward School & finally at the Polytechnic in Harare. 

His favourite pastimes were Ballroom Dancing at the Joan Turner School of Dancing where he apparently excelled, winning many medals, & also bowls which he played at Milton Park Bowling Club.

Lorraine (nee Emmanuel) also a teacher, taught at Nettleton School in Cranborne, was Headmistress of Waterfalls Infant School, then Headmistress at John McChlery in Hillside, finally I am sure many Harare residents will remember her as the Head of St Giles School for the Disabled.

Lorraine also played bowls in Zimbabwe for over 40 years, representing the club at District & National level  - she says she hopes that some of the "old" bowlers may still remember her?

Not prepared to totally retire yet, Lorraine does a sterling job as the Librarian for the Village Library. 


The friends that we left behind, some of them lifelong, are never very far from our thoughts, and as another year begins we hope and pray for some really meaningful changes for our beloved Zimbabwe. 


Meryl Harrison 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Needing home

Looking for a good loving home for cross Labrador/ridgeback black and tan dog, male 7 years old, all vaccines up to date  Owners moving to a flat. Excellent watch dog, has been loved and cared for since puppy. Call Gavyn 0772 227 427.

Dogs found

Found Dog: A very friendly female Boerboel cross found on Garth Rd in Borrowdale.  She is wearing a black webbed collar and is in great condition. She must belong to someone.  She is currently being cared for at Borrowdale Lane Vet. Please call 883099 or 0712 451 328.


Found Dogs; we have picked up 2 staffys at our farm in Ruwa and can't find out who they belong too.  One is a brindle and one is a fawn colour and looks quite old. I have dropped them at the Friends Foundation. 

Homes and fostering needed

Foster Moms Needed Again!! Friend Animal Foundation have just been handed 8 pups about 2 weeks old that need fostering.  All bottles and milk will be supplied.  Please call Mary-Lu on 0772 225 845 or the surgery on 339971/2 or 0772 342 241,  Thank you.


Loving home URGENTLY needed for 2 treasured dogs as owners are having to leave the country: Chocolate velvet ears and kissable brown nose - that's Cocoa - a female Weimaraner/cross short-haired pointer.  She is 2 years old and gorgeous. Handsome reddish tan, loveable, cute Fox - mixed breed male 1 1/2 years old.  They are good with children.  They must go together. We have loved having them and have spoilt them lots.  If you can look after them well, please call Ali and Steve on 0778 658 526 or 7.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Lost - large brown dog

From: Rosie Mitchell []
Sent: 07 January 2015 13:11m
To: Rosie Mitchell


Hi there, and a very happy new year!! 


Our New Year is not so happy, as our dog Leto whom we have had since a small puppy – nearly 9 years - has gone missing since 1 Jan - probably something to do with fireworks in the neighbourhood, or thunder, she hates loud bangs and we think may have jumped the wall into the neighbours then over their gate (which unlike ours, is easy to get over) or slipped out of the gate after a car.


I wondered whether you would consider sending this out to your friends and family.  I must say we are totally devastated.  As you probably know, I do all my running training with our dogs and am really feeling her absence very badly!  Sarah, and Charles who works for us, are equally beside themselves with worry. We are trying all sorts of strategies, of course - she is in fact micro-chipped, and we've advised ALL the vets, Friend Foundation, VAWZ, SPCA, are driving all over the suburbs by both day and night, and are spreading flyers and posters all over.  The flyer has been circulated round the Bambazonke and Zimtrader email lists twice so far and is on the Zim Pets Lost and Found Facebook page - as well as ours, obviously.


Many thanks, any and all help is much appreciated!







Lost and found

Found Kitten: A tiny dark tortoiseshell kitten appeared in my garden yesterday - about 6 weeks old at a guess. She is very wild and frightened. Being so small I am

guessing she came from not far away - generally, the elbow 24-hour between Chatsworth and Pendennis, perhaps. I have kept her overnight and fed her, but will take her to the 24-hour vet today in case anyone has enquired for her.


Missing from Drew Road since 5th January- Lola a black and white spayed bitch.  Much loved, overweight family pet - 4 years old - black and white medium sized cross - she is very, very timid and gentle.  Please help - phone Sasha on 0773 599 525 if you have seen her anywhere!!!!!