Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lost and found


Found dogs: a male ridgeback and a female ridgeback cross were picked up this morning on the Lomagundi Road (first seen near the Emerald Hill Post Office). Both dogs are in very good condition, friendly and wearing leather collars. They are not micro-chipped. Please contact Friend Animal Foundation (2930442 / 0772225845) or VAWZ (0778431528 / 0773476009) for more details.


Found Dog: A young black Labrador was picked up in the Highlands area this morning [10 February] and is at Avondale Veterinary Surgery on King George Road.  Not micro chipped.  Please phone 339971 or 0772 342 241.  Proof of ownership necessary please.


Missing Dogs: 'URGENT! Our dogs - a GOLDEN/WHITE LABRADOR Arturo and BLACK COLLIE named Oscar went MISSING on Feb 10th after 10 in HOGERTY HILL, Borrowdale - someone left the gate open and we think they might have ventured outside together. If anyone has seen them please give us a call at 0772286093 or 0779128530, cash reward for who brings them back. Please share amongst your contacts, we are really worried and we really appreciate your help, thank you.

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