Saturday, October 4, 2014

Last week found and missing

Found Dog: : I picked up a nervous young female Blue Heeler (Australian cattle Dog) running along Piers Rd. Time was just after 5.00pm. She has a collar but is not micro-chipped. I’ve dropped her off at the Borrowdale Lane Veterinary Surgery which is situated at No 23 Kingsmead Road.


Found Dog: Yesterday morning a black Labrador cross in moderate condition, friendly but frightened was found wandering in Groombridge and in danger of being run over. The security guard at Groombridge Spar was looking after it. VAWZ will took him to the 24-hour vet  on East Road yesterday afternoon.


Missing Cat: My 11 year old son’s beloved companion, Griffin, a black cat has gone missing from Guys Cliff in Greystone Park from early Monday morning.  We have just returned from overseas, and my son is distraught.  Griffin is an elegant, sleek black shorthair cat with yellow eyes and a distinctive Siamese yowl.  He came in for dinner but was chased by our puppy and has not been seen since Sunday evening. Please if anyone has seen, heard or has him, please, please contact us on 0772 386 163 or 0776 401 388 or email

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