Wednesday, October 29, 2014


On Saturday, I found a stray dog outside our house in a close off Winchcombe Road, just off Harare Drive. It was in shocking condition and its entire head and front legs were covered in blood. It was barely moving, but I could see it was still breathing. I phoned the vet at Borrowdale Lane Veterinary Surgery, and was able to collect a vet who came to the house and euthanised the dog. The vet suspected Rabies, so the dog was stored over the weekend in the cold room at the University of Zimbabwe Veterinary Department, and on Monday morning I took it to the Government Vet on Borrowdale Road.  They phoned me late yesterday afternoon to confirm that the dog tested positive for rabies.


The concerning thing is that on examination, the vet found many puncture wounds on the dog, and suspected it had been in a fight with other dogs in the area. Which means that there are now possibly other dogs roaming the Greystone Park area carrying the rabies virus...


Please pass the message on and check your pets vaccinations are up to date!




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