Monday, December 22, 2014

Lost and Found

FOUND - Jack Russell wearing an old leather collar on Enterprise Rd (intersection Glenara/Enterprise).  I have dropped him at the Highlands vet.  You can call them on 490411.  Sarah



My daughter picked up a male Maltese Poodle on Churchill Avenue & Borrowdale rd last night. He is now at the 24 hour vet on 2nd st extension & the S.P.C.A will be collecting him tomorrow.

Flip Nicholson  + 263 0772 245 334


toy pom . I saw the dog frantically running around and eventually coaxed it into my car  on Morningside drive and took it to 24 hour vet.  I originally saw it on Moorgate.  Its a very sweet boy with no microchip or collar.  The notice will also be on Zim Pets Lost+Found. Sheryl Christmas

From: Mark and Sandy []
Sent: 20 December 2014 16:34
I saw a lost looking toy pom type dog on garlands ride mt pleasant. I stopped and tried to pick it up but it was scared and wouldn't get in the car. It was reddish-brown and looked like it is owned by someone.
Hope the owner finds it!

From: heather Benoy
Sent: 20 December 2014 12:12

We have just picked up this small male dog. He is covered in mud and appears to have been running. He also has a limp. We picked him up at 11.45. today just outside the restaurant Spring Fever..

Please call 797071 or 0772 711711.We have the dog at home but will take him to the kamfinsa vet later this afternoon. At the moment we are washing and feeding this small very friendly dog.



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