Monday, January 5, 2015

Friend Foundation

The Friend Animal Foundation would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us through 2014.
Firstly to Avondale Vet for looking after the health of all our animals even in hard times. Secondly for all the food and money that has been donated to feed the many animals in our care. Third for all the bedding, bowls, toys and other items that have been donated for our shop. To all the amazing people that have adopted our animals. Last but certainly not least to all the generous help with all our fundraising this year. We wish you and your furry family a happy festive season.


Our local residents at Friend Animal Foundation

People moved out their house and left bones there to fend for himself. He was brought to us skin and bones… hence his name bones. He is such a friendly lovely dog and has been with us for 8 years now. But no longer looks like
bones’, so we are thinking of changing his name to sausage!!! I think from
being starved he is now food obsessed (I can relate to that) and thinks each meal will be his last.
We have Shy-Anne, she was a car accident victim. We have Scarby (or snare dog) who had a terrible wound on her back from a snare, she even had 2 beautiful puppies with the snare on her.
 ‘jumper  who is sure to jump up on you, Ceaser who was living in the bush and kids used to throw stones at him. Phebe, Kylie, our old Besty who spends most of her days in the compound now but used to take up one of the office chairs. Our newest addition is a Jack Russel cross who has been named Big Boy’
George Clooney
George is dark and handsome and is one of the                                                                        office cats.
He loves a bit of attention and is happy to sleep                                                                        on the desk while you are trying to work.
There are lots of other office cats, one of my                                                                             favorites is
Veronica or Ronnie as we call her. She was a                                                                             wild feral kitten who was nearly put to sleep because she                                                                        had cat flu

Dr Felix from Avondale vet decided to give her a second chance and she has become the most loving and friend list of them all.
We also have Lady Gaga, a fluffy dark tortie, Moaning Murtle, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, Seb ( who we found out was a girl), gentle Olive, Squeek, who scratches you when you stop tickling him, Bright Eyes a pretty black cat with half a tail, who we haven’t been able to tame yet.

Rotaruwa the horse

Our beautiful gentle Rota. As a yearling her friend was struck by lightning and died, so poor Rota got the after shock and has never been able to be ridden. She is a bit stiff in the legs and her head tilts to the side. She was used as a brood mare but now has retired at the foundation. She loves carrots and loads of attention. Is happy to be brushed and loved.
Chukka the brown sheep was hand reared as a lamb and is extremely
friendly. She came to us from a farmer who lost their farm.
Timmy the goat was also hand reared as his mum died and he is happy to be friendly if you have food to give him.



We have 4 very fat donkeys!!! They come up every morning to the office to see if there are any carrots .

And if this isnt enough to make you come and visit we have 2 pigs who love a tickle but again are even happier if you have food to share with them.

Chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, guinea fowl, pigeons rabbits and guinea pigs too.
We even have 3 broiler chickens which came in a bag of dead chickens to feed the dogs. Of course they were rescued and are now living a lov

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