Friday, January 31, 2014

Borrowdale Pets

Borrowdale Pets P/L: Fish pond cleaning, consultancy and fish tank cleaning. In stock: Mallards, Call and Muscovy Ducks, Peacan Bantams and Perkin Chickens, 19 Peacock chicks in 3 months’ time.   May we take this opportunity to thank Mike Garden and team at Bambazonke for spearheading our appeal for donations to construct our cages and shop. Many thanks to the following people who donated in cash and kind: Orca Water, Mrs. Sarah Hill and Mr. Mike Hampson. Although we did not reach our target we believe Rome was not built in a day. No. 3 Balmoral Road, Lost Valley Garden Centre, Phone: 0772908390, email: NB: We also distribute Aloe Vera Products for Humans and Animals.

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