Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Found Dog A small very petite tan and white dog wandered into our yard this afternoon. He looks quite young and a cross between a Chihuahua and Jack Russell. I will take it down to the 24 hour vet in Mt Pleasant later. Can't keep him here as I have 6 dogs. My number is 0772325676 Sue


Missing Dog my mother in laws dog is missing, it’s a small black sausage dog. Last seen in Avondale around king george near the police station. If found please call my wife on 0772 232 351.


Missing Puppy : black Labrador puppy about 8 months old no collar not chipped has gone missing from the Northwood / Pendennis area . We have phoned all vets etc desperately asking people In this area if they have seen or taken her in - her name is ZOE very friendly and a true lab puppy In nature bounces like a springbok... normally terrified of electric gate so not sure how she would have got out but please contact me on the 0772400108  if anyone knows anything or can help. Two very distraught children .  She went  missing sometime between 6pm last night Friday 17th as she was fed and not noticed until early this morning 


Parrot Missing:  Missing since last night (Friday) 7 year old African Grey Parrot in Kambanji/Greystone Park area called Harry, wearing an ID ring on her leg.  If seen please call Sharon straight away on 0712 604 222 and I will come and collect her.  Thank you so much.  


We Lost Our Dog: Monday afternoon and still haven't found him. He is a Jack Russel with brown patches with tail intact. We live in highlands and would very much appreciate any help you can give. Our numbers are 0773 130 517 or 0773 499 990. Tangisai or Kudzi.


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