Thursday, February 26, 2015


Found Dogs: This morning along Aberdeen Rd, Avondale 5 dogs found. 2 German Shepherds and three small white Maltese cross dogs.  No collars. Taken to 24hour vet on Upper East. Call Chrystal 0712 201 553


Found on Northolt Drive in Bluff Hill on 19/02/2015 a male black and white medium sized dog .  Black face with a white stripe down the forehead onto the nose and white around the muzzle.  Mostly black on the top of the body and white underneath. Very sweet friendly male, a little timid at first and then just wanted love.  Seemed fine in my car apart from wanting to sit on my lap J. Has been taken to Friends Foundation.  Please help find this dog’s home he was not skinny and looked in good condition so he belongs to someone.  For more information contact Pauline 0772 404 405

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