Monday, February 16, 2015

Missing and found

Found Dogs: 1 Alsatian cross and 2 Staffies, a male and a female, all not micro chipped. All in good condition and running together so I’m assuming all from the same house and got out somehow. I have taken them to the 24hr vet on second street who told me they would be taken to the SPCA this morning. Please phone Danny on 0774 069133 for more info.


Jack Russell, Toby, Found and Safely home.  Thank you so much Nadia for phoning VAWZ.  Thank you so much VAWZ for responding to the call so efficiently.  Thank you Chisipite Vets for looking after him.  Thank you Bambazonke for getting the message out.  We have a great community.  It has been truly amazing to witness how many caring and thoughtful people there are who have phoned, emailed, texted.  Thank you for your warmth, concern and support.


My Toypom cross Jack Russel dog went missing on Sunday Night. He answers to the name Hercules .He has a light brown face with a patch on his back that is black/brown and white legs and tail(long white Tail like a toypoms) his one back leg he keeps it up when it gets sore. if you have seen him please phone me (Geraldine on 0773099960 or work (04) 480774,he talks to me and we missing him. the area he went missing from is New Strathaven.

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