Friday, February 13, 2015


Missing From New Strathaven near OH's sport club,my Tony Pom cross Jack Russel,he is 5 years old and is microchip. he has a light brown face a brown/black patch on his back  four white legs under body white and a white tail like a toy pom. he sometime picks up his right back leg when he is sore. missing from Sunday night. we are very worried about him. if you have see him please contact me on 0773099960.

Missing Dogs:  We lost our two much loved dogs on Saturday morning around 6:30am around the Hillside area (Ok Mart/ Mukuvisi area). They are pit bulls. Male & Female •Brown •Six Months Old• Timid and very gentle. They have black collars on and respond to the names -  Roxie  & Cordy. If anyone has seen them anywhere.... Please help -  call Marcus contact cell number 0772594158  /0775237748 or email


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